Is this the future of banking?

Joey Garcia, chief legal and regulatory officer at Xapo Private Bank, which does not do fractional reserve lending and holds its reserves in bitcoin, offers a bold new vision for the future of banking.
1 May English South Africa Tech News · Investing

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Is bitcoin exhaustion setting in?

Bitcoin and ether prices have flat-lined in recent months, but don't be fooled. We are in the year of the bitcoin halving, which has historically been associated with a surge in prices, explains Omer Iqbal, CEO of FiveWest. The real trend to watch in the coming months is the adoption…
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How to weed out the crypto fluff

There are more than 60 000 cryptocurrencies, most of them junk. The team at Riskbloq, headed by founder and CEO Nzwisisa Chidembo, has developed tools to filter out the noise and make sense of more than 3 000 of the more viable projects. This SA-developed toolkit is now getting the…
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Turning tangible assets into crypto tokens set to revolutionise finance

Law firm Schindlers has set up a tokenised exchange for raising capital and trading real-world assets such as houses, solar power systems and real estate. Maurice Crespi, managing partner at Schindlers Attorneys, says this is a financial revolution with potentially vast implications for traditional stock exchanges.
5 Jun 25 min

Bitcoin proves its mettle as an instrument of freedom

Bradley Rettler, co-author of a new book called 'Resistance Money' and associate professor of philosophy at the University of Wyoming explains how bitcoin has proven itself as an instrument of freedom against political and economic oppression.
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