Don't Doubt.

Mpho Putini is talking to Dr. Julias Magot Mbu about Don't Doubt. He is looking at How can individuals cultivate faith and confidence in their beliefs and aspirations, resisting the temptation to doubt themselves or their path.
11 Apr 7AM English South Africa Christianity · Christianity

Other recent episodes

What you need to know before you vote

Sibongile Mofokeng is in conversation with Mr. Clement Tlailane about Voting Processes. They are looking at all final processes, rules, regulations, offenses, and uncertainties about voting so that everyone is clear on how to vote.
28 May 8AM 27 min

Mental Health Questions.

Sibongile Mofokeng takes on the series of Mental Health with Masiviwe about Mental Health Questions. They are looking at different questions people ask from all the series of mental health.
28 May 7AM 18 min

Empowering Young Professionals.

Sibongile Mofokeng is talking to Pastor Angie Camposreal about being a keynote speaker at the DEVAC Youth Summit where she was Empowering Young Professionals. They are looking at how she impacts, develops, and empowers young people to be professionals.
28 May 3AM 39 min

Personal Tax.

Sibongile Mofokeng is in conversation with Patricia Khomani about Personal Tax. They are looking at why we must pay taxes, what the scripture says about taxes, whether must I submit tax returns while my employee deducts PAYE monthly, and what age or wage calculation or scale must I not submit…
28 May 3AM 24 min