Werner Ockers has a brand new single!

Singer-Songwriter Werner Olckers Unveils Multi-Layered Music Video "Gunsteling" as a Metaphorical Farewell to "Wrestlerish"

Singer-songwriter Werner Olckers is set to captivate audiences once again with the release of his latest music video, "Gunsteling," a visual adventure that serves as a metaphorical farewell to his former project, "Wrestlerish." The video showcases Olckers' lifelong passion for professional wrestling, incorporating humor and a touch of nostalgia while bidding adieu to the past.

In a daring display of commitment to his art, Olckers puts his body on the line, getting slammed and submitted by the APWA champion, "Ananzi," in a fun yet grueling shoot. This cinematic journey is a testament to Olckers' dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring unconventional avenues within the Afrikaans music industry.

The video also features Olckers' unique sense of humor, a characteristic that has become synonymous with his work. Long-time friend and former bandmate, Nax from Van Pletzen, joins the cast, injecting a sense of fun and hilarity that complements Olckers' artistic vision.

he chats to Danny Painter about the single and, whats next!
1 Mar English South Africa Relationships · Self-Improvement

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