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Danny Painter is all about love and human connection. Her positivity and friendliness will have you feeling like you're one of her best friends - which you will be! Boasting the highest listener interaction on Jacaranda FM, Danny spends her weeknight evenings playing love songs, speaking to amazing humans and hanging out with you! In her podcasts you will laugh, you will cry and you will learn - mostly to love and most importantly to love yourself!

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Time to grow something, for your body and mind!

This week on 'Jaca Love Songs', we are learning to grow something that will cleanse our bodies and calm our minds!Each Tuesday, Izelle Hoffman joins Danny on her show to chat about Mindful Cooking, Mindful Eating, and Mindful Living! This week we are getting into the garden!

Parsley is one of the easiest herbs to grow, it's jam packed with goodness and helps cleanse your blood! Danny's Nan always had at least ten plants growing in her garden and this week, Izelle is talking about the goodness within!

The future is female. Even in space

Brittany Bull’s squad may look like any other high-school girl gang, but they’re so much more than that. The teenagers are part of the team behind the launch of South Africa’s first privately-owned satellite to make it into space.

We are eating 'heart smart' this week!

This week on the mindful living segment, Danny and Izelle talk seriously about heart health and how we can eat to look after our hearts!

Izelle Hoffman is a lifestyle chef, cookbook author, and mindful eating champion, she joins Danny on a podcast this week to chat about heart health and a flapjack recipe that will fit into your mindful eating journey!

Press play: An honest guide to the challenges and triumphs of fatherhood

Terence Mentor has a confession. He used to be jealous of the bond that his two-year-old shared with his wife. When Mentor made the admission on social media, his fears resonated with other parents.“People are full of advice for first-time moms,” he says. “But there’s little out there on how to be a good dad.” Mentor decided to create an honest handbook for fathers like him. The result is AfroDaddy, his online meeting place to share the challenges and triumphs of fatherhood.

Mentor draws from his experience of fostering 14 children with his wife, Julie. In the past four years, they opened their home and hearts to give children from welfare agencies the care they deserve. Mentor is now a full-time dad to Liam and Eli.

The cancer survivor who walked out of hospital and up Kilimanjaro

Is there anything Bala Gangiah can’t do? At 57 years old, he’s opened his own restaurant, run more than 20 marathons and published three books. But when doctors discovered a cancerous cyst on his kidney, the diagnosis threw Gangiah off course.
Within a month, he was forced to have the organ removed. When the shock subsided, Gangiah’s tenacity kicked into overdrive. “Your mind can only be focused on one thing at a time,” he says. So Gangiah embarked on a spectacular challenge to redirect his attention.

Having already climbed to Everest base camp, Kilimanjaro was next on his list. Neither doctors nor his family approved of his ambitions. But Gangiah had made up his mind. Immediately after surgery, he walked up and down the hospital corridors to start training. “My body may have been weak but my mind was a thousand times stronger,” Gangiah says. Exercise, yoga, and a healthy diet boosted his recovery. On 17 December 2018, Gangiah took his first steps up the perilous trail of Africa’s highest mountain.

'21 days to create a habit is a myth' - a life coach explains

We've all heard the saying, 'it takes 21 days to create a new habit or break an old one', right? Well, it may be wrong! It may take far longer than just 21 days and require a little more work on your part, but the result will be worth it!

Jason Bernic is a certified life and business coach, with a successful coaching practice in Johannesburg, he also joins us occasionally to share some of his wisdom to help us be better humans, and this week is no different!

We can have parties in the park, even in lockdown!

Nasrene is a local singer songwriter who's exploded onto the local scene mid lockdown, reminding us all that 'the bad times don't last'Her single, 'Parties in the Park', is a message to all of us having a hard time in various stages of lockdown, reminding us that we will one day have parties in the park and that all is not as dark and gloomy as it may seem!

Nasrene teamed up with Dutch songwriter and producer David Westmeijer to write “this 'summer song', which caught the attention of BMG Rights Management (Benelux) BV, who signed the track for distribution and marketing in conjunction with David Gresham Records.

“Parties in the Park” is a feel-good song that makes you want to dance and sing along. “It's about making the best out of a tough situation. Life changed for everyone so suddenly and we wanted to create something that would make us feel happy and hopeful again”, says Nasrene.

The power of a pen: How this artist drew himself out of abuse and poverty

Katlie Mokhoabane had no escape. Growing up in an impoverished and abusive household, there was nowhere for him to run when the violence erupted.But the one thing he did have was a ballpoint pen.

Drawing strength from the arbitrary item, Mokhoabane is transforming his past traumas into powerful works of art. After losing his mother at the age of six, Mokhoabane’s life was thrown into disarray. Once cheerful childhood memories became stained by abuse from his new step mother.

Turning to his creativity in times of great hardship, he started teaching himself how to draw. “I would wake up and say, ‘I hate the situation I am in, but stand up and go get your pen’,” Mokhoabane says. Without the funds to afford professional training after high school, he was rejected from art galleries and struggled to establish himself in the industry. Yet he remained resolute. Honing his skills in his free time and sharing his work on social media, Mokhoabane’s work soon began to receive the recognition it deserved.

Danny Painter catches up with Izelle Hoffman

Every Tuesday on 'Love Songs with Danny Painter', lifestyle chef and cookbook author Izelle Hoffman joins Danny for a segment on 'mindful living'.They talk food, TV, body, mind, and more food!

Each week, Izelle brings a recipe from her 'Mindful Eating' cookbook, which she shares with us, explaining why the ingredients in her recipe can help us heal and get super healthy, no matter what our starting point! With Izelle Hoffman, you can have your cake and it, mindfully!

No filter: Meet the photographer showcasing raw stories from the streets

Joshua Rubin is no idle spectator. He’s a documentary photographer and videographer who immerses himself in the details of other people’s lives.Compelled by the stories that each of us carry and the desire to amplify them, Rubin spends hours driving around Cape Town searching for willing conversationalists. Focusing on marginalised communities, he peels back layers of stigma to reveal the truth.

“My obligation as a photographer is to take a story that hasn’t been heard and bring it into the public,” Rubin says. His revealing work zooms in on disadvantaged neighbourhoods, like those of the Cape Flats. These suburbs are stigmatised as violent and gang-ridden. Rubin’s subjects receive nothing but averted eyes from most, but he is determined to rouse his audience into recognising their humanity and dignity. He’s made personal connections with gang leaders and those who live on the streets – and it’s not just because he’s curious. The filmmaker has real struggles in common with rejected members of society. “I’ve had very big drug problems in my past and I didn’t finish school,” Rubin says.He builds relationships with anyone who’ll speak to him, and is granted a rare gift because of it: trust. Through empathetic and compassionate conversation, the 24-year-old is invited into a world that few see. “I believe that it is my job to create positive change,” Rubin says. His short films have showcased a self-taught builder who transformed his shack into a palatial home, driving lessons with his housekeeper, and the unnervingly empty streets of Cape Town in the first few weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown. Rubin uplifts his subjects as well as his viewers through his films. Shining a light on those around him, he shifts perspectives.

In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, you can help us spread information and hope. Share your positive stories by clicking here and we’ll be in contact.

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