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Entertainer, MC, radio presenter Danny Painter is proudly "born and bred in Brakpan" and brings you interesting interviews with people from all walks of life. Catch her on Jacaranda FM every weekday from 19:00 - 22:00. To send your music requests, SMS Danny on 37942 or Whatsapp her on 084 850 0942.

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This firefighting crew are all women – and they’re sending stereotypes up in flames

The flames crawl forward, licking the foliage as the landscape turns to ash. A band of women stand strong against the inferno. Behind them, Charl Steenkamp has his camera at the ready.
When a fire breaks out, many expect a team of men to contain it. But South Africa’s first-ever all-female brigade is blazing a trail of inclusivity, and Steenkamp is documenting this historic moment.

With the continuous outbreaks in the Western Cape, more firefighters are needed to brave the heat. Steenkamp is the branch manager of NCC Environmental Services, who have set forth to empower and train 15 women as firefighters. Their name – Juliet Crew. “Fire sees no gender,” Steenkamp says. The squad’s first battle was against a fire in the wetlands of Noordhoek, where they fought back the flames and saved the ecosystem.

Their achievements must not go unseen. By capturing their work, Steenkamp is illuminating their dedication and fearlessness. “Being male, being white, having a relatively stable upbringing, I’ve had opportunities that a lot of these women have never had and if I can give them some opportunity to go somewhere then I think I’ve done a little bit in helping the world,” he says. “I will champion women’s rights wherever I go.” While fighting for our safety, these firefighters are igniting a movement of inclusion, not only for our country but for the world. - Beautiful News

Danny got to chat to Charl, listen here:

Another night of spaghetti bolognese?

Not anymore! Izelle Hoffman is here and she is ready to help us cook delicious, nutritious food for the whole family - with what you already have!
Izelle is a lifestyle chef and the author of 'Mindful Eating'. We met her a few weeks back and for the next few weeks she is here to help us become the best home chefs in the world!

With a passion for food that heals, she is joining us every Tuesday evening at 8pm to help us cook the healthiest meals for our families, using what we already have in our fridges, gardens, and cupboards!

This week she helps Barry, from Springs create an incredible rice dish!

Listen here!

How will we remember this time in our lives?

Will we look back and think of our lockdown as a time of fear and stress or will we look back and see a time of healing and togetherness, no matter the social distanceBrent Lindeque, our Good Things Guy, is going with the latter!

In a video he shared to his Good Things Guy website, Brent highlights the good things that will come from this pandemic.

"Amid all of the chaos caused by Coronavirus on a global scale, this video of positivity and togetherness is what we want to remember during this unprecedented period."

CBD and THC: What is it and how can it help us?

With the focus on immunity and staying COVID-19 free, we are turning to more 'unconventional' ways to keep ourselves and our families healthy!
From Elderberry to turmeric, I have seen every lotion, potion, and pill advertised as a 'miracle' cure and immune booster, but what about CBD and THC oils?

These have recently gained worldwide popularity and even dogs are taking some form of one or the other, but how does it work and what is the difference?

I decided to get an expert opinion!

Dee Stephens is the owner and master blender at Herbology, a dedicated group of people using herbs, energy, fasting, and more to heal anything from ADHD to diabetes and anxiety. With a proven track record and a knowledge of all things 'green', I figured she would be the best person to explain! Because, I do NOT want to get high!

Business in the age of the global pandemic

In this current climate, businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking to the future worryingly. How can they survive during a time of social distancing and even more stringent measures Cue Jason Bernic, our resident life and business coach!

Jason is a life coach, a business owner, and a family man who wants us all to be better at our lives, relationships and careers! He joins me this evening via Zoom to chat about what we can do as business owners and employees to ensure the future of our companies no matter what!

We all need some good news today!

In this time of social distancing, social media warriors and anxiety over the future, good news is something we all need... desperately!

This week, because both he and Danny are practicing social distancing and working from home, they caught up via Zoom and spoke about a bank that is doing the most for their clients, as well as the first reported recoveries from COVID-19!

How music is creating harmony between rival gangs

While violence has infiltrated many of the neighbourhoods, composer and music director Karien de Waal is offering these communities an alternative. 'JOIN BANDS, NOT GANGS' is an initiative that empowers the youth to make music instead of giving in to the violent call of gang affiliation. “Music has the power to change lives,” De Waal says.

By initiating musical programmes within at-risk communities, the NGO gives people the means to explore other tunes of life. “A gangster is thought of as a problem that needs to be solved,” De Waal says. “We come in and say, ‘No, you do actually matter.’” Picking up instruments such as guitars and drums, budding musicians can now contribute to a future without conflict. “It’s creating a touchpoint for peace,” De Waal says.Since launching in 2018, De Waal has recorded songs with over 60 musicians to raise awareness and funds.

Through her work, R150 000 worth of instruments have been gifted to the community so far, while one of the group’s youth members has obtained a bursary to study music. Most importantly, De Waal is stepping into forsaken territories to mediate with melody. “We’re bringing hope to a community that feels that they’ve been forgotten,” she says.

- Beautiful news

Hilton Pelser joins Danny to talk 'Moffie'!

After being part of the hugely successful 'Kissing Booth', this incredible South African actor landed the role of a lifetime!
Hilton Pelser auditioned for the local film 'Moffie' 'countless times' - and even shaved his beard for the role!

"Another young actor who came for countless castings is Hilton Pelser. He arrived for his first audition with a full beard and was asked to return clean-shaven the next day – which he did. Let’s just say…it made all the difference!"
Originally considered for the character of Dylan, Hilton would audition again months later while in China (via self-tape) for the key role of Sergeant Brand. Once back in South Africa, he attended the very last round of call-backs.

His sure-fire command of Sergeant Brand was undeniable. Hilton was the very last principal cast member to join 'Moffie'. His previous acting credits include 'The Kissing Booth', 'Black Mirror', and 'Black Sails'.

He joined me via Zoom to chat about his roles, his life and his role as Sergeant Brand!

The dancer risking her body to fly!

She grabs onto the silk fabric and pulls with all her strength, maneuvering herself upwards. Usually, Sherise Dreyer is bound to a wheelchair. But through aerial dancing, she’s learnt to fly. Dreyer was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease. Even the slightest movement could lead to a fracture. But Dreyer doesn’t let this limit her. “When I’m hanging from the silks, I feel fierce, daring, and powerful,” she says.

Dreyer often reaches heights many abld- bodies can’t. Though falling could cause serious injury, she performs elegant movements that defy her fragility. “I enjoy doing things people think I am not capable of,” she says. “It doesn’t only challenge myself but it challenges them.”

From a wheelchair to the air, Dreyer’s fearlessness is an inspiration to all. “We all have challenges in life,” she says. “It’s how we deal with it and process it that defines who we are.” Dreyer constantly proves her vigour to herself as well as those around her, shedding stigmas and shredding stereotypes. “Embracing your difference can only make you stronger,” she says.

- Beautiful News

KLA is here with brand new music!

Featuring Patty Monroe, KLA's brand new song, 'Nobody's Looking', is already burning up the airwavesFormerly known as 'Miss Kay', this South African singer, songwriter, and model is definitely here to stay!

A real 90's wonder, KLA admits to having a lot of 90’s RnB influences in her music, drawing inspiration from Aaliyah, TLC, Toni Braxton - mashed-up with some new-school Rihanna, Beyoncé, Tinashe, and Alicia Keys for good measure.

How you can be a leader in the coronavirus outbreak!

Need some good news amidst the coronavirus chaos?

Look no further! Every Monday, Brent Lindeque - the Good Things Guy, joins Danny in studio!

They laugh, they cry, and they talk about only good things! This week they chat the coronavirus and how YOU can lead the way to stop the spread of the virus!

Shakey Graves is on his way!

His name is Shakey Graves, not really, it's actually Alejandro Rose-Garcia, and he is a singer songwriter from America.

He started out as a one-man band, borrowing a kick drum. Danny discovered him though a YouTube and wine night and fell in love with his Audiotree session of his 'Roll the Bones'.He is undeniably talented, with a voice that sounds like honey and cigars. He has the ability to draw you in and leave you wanting more. When asked about where the name 'Shakey Graves' came from, he casually responded that while playing guitar, someone suggested that it should be his stage name and it stuck.
He is on his way to South Africa and he's just added an additional date to his Johannesburg tour!

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