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Danny Painter is all about love and human connection. Her positivity and friendliness will have you feeling like you're one of her best friends - which you will be! Boasting the highest listener interaction on Jacaranda FM, Danny spends her weeknight evenings playing love songs, speaking to amazing humans and hanging out with you! In her podcasts you will laugh, you will cry and you will learn - mostly to love and most importantly to love yourself!

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Need help overcoming a fear?

We all have fears, some of them worse than others, but are yours holding you back?

This week in their mindful living podcast, Danny Painter and Izelle Hoffman talk about fear, overcoming it, and never allowing it to limit you and your capabilities!

Every week, Izelle joins Danny on a Zoom to chat about living mindfully and eating great food with amazing humans - this week is no different!

Time to get nostalgic and eat some breakfast cereal for dinner!

Only, this time, it's healthy and will make both you and your body happy!
Every Tuesday, Izelle Hoffman joins us on Zoom to chat about all things Mindful Living; the eating, the cooking, the drinking, the watching, and the thinking. This week she's taking us back to a childhood favourite!

With the weather turning, the crisp in the air is reminding me of winter Sunday mornings when I would creep out of bed while my parents slept, make some breakfast, and binge watch 'Barney' and 'Farthing Woods' until they emerged!

Obviously, I couldn't make a bang up breakfast, so it was trusty old chocolate covered rice pops - you know the ones!

This week we are making the 'Izelle Hoffman approved' ones!

All your good things

After a small break, Brent Lindeque is back with more Good Things!

This week we speak about animals, mental health, helping our neighbours and more animals!

But we need to start with our family in Cape Town and how we can help them, listen here:

El Mukuka is lost, and if you are too, listen to this!

He's one of the most prolific producers and Dj's of the time, soaring high and playing at some of the biggest festivals the world over, and then, lockdown happened.
The Greek / Zambian artist has long been a favourite on Jacaranda Fm, and nothing seems to be changing!

With his latest offering 'Lost' in he colabs with the incredible Adekunle Gold in a thought provoking, sad but uplifting song! Having recently signed to Ultra records, EL Mukuka is set to take over the word - as soon as he can, and we are ready!

You aren't celebrating yourself enough!

In a recent article I read from the Harvard Review, they talk about the 'power' of small wins.

The Power of small wins - that made me think long and hard about the use of the word 'power' in that context and, I have to admit that small wins, are indeed powerful.

From the 1kg scale victory to the making of the bed, the small wins are the ones that hold the most power over whether the good habits are formed or the not-so-good ones remain, and I think we should be celebrating them! You should be celebrating you much, much more!

Bonfire Buffalo are back!

With a brand new single, this proudly South African rock band are ready for the rest of 2021!

Bonfire Buffalo hail from the heartlands of S.A, this female fronted rock band consists of Ivy Ann van Rooyen on vocals, Ewoud van Rooyen on guitar and Carl Dedekind on bass. Mike Wright of Zebra & Giraffe fame, on drums.

The band’s eclectic mix of songs are fresh and familiar at the same time, with absolutely addictive melodies! Their new single 'Remember Me' is possibly the most beautiful song you'll hear in 2021!

Izelle Hoffman spills the soup on winter germs!

With winter fast approaching and a 'third wave' top of everyone's mind, Izelle Hoffman may just have something to keep you healthy!
She's our lifestyle chef, mindful eating guide, and good friend. She joins us every Tuesday to chat about all things food, life, and everything in between, to make sure we are the healthiest versions of ourselves!

This week, with the chill in the air and the craving for hearty, warm meals building - Izelle chats to Danny all about garlic, its healing properties, and she shares one of her Mindful Eating recipes to beat the winter germ blues!

Sarah Robyn Farrell has love in her heart!

Sarah Robyn Farrell is many things – a musician, an eco-communicator, a writer, and an activist.
Her debut single, ‘Love in our Hearts’, certainly aims to heal the world from its many issues in the most simple and honest way.

Armed with a ukulele and a strong will to use her voice for good, Sarah explains the motivation behind this, her first single:

"Love in our hearts’ is about recognising our shared humanity in a time of increasing social tension and ecological decay,” says Sarah. “It speaks to the fact that most people have a lot to unlearn, while still having the ability to love, and to change. It also speaks to the fact that ‘love’ as we currently understand it, may need to be redefined to include aspects and ideas that can lead to real positive change. This kind of revolutionary love could help us save ourselves and restore our home planet.”

“Every student is worthy of being celebrated.” These designers sew pride for matriculants

The hall is decorated with bright streamers. Pop music fills the room, beckoning people to dance. Young students adorned in custom-made gowns take the hand of their well-dressed dates.
In South Africa, a matric dance is the first time many pupils are made to feel special. But not all can afford the occasion. This was apparent to design duo Fagin Hardine and Adri Andrews of Paarl. Wanting to provide for the youth of their community, they decided to honour the final-year students in style.

Hardine and Andrews founded their clothing brand, Ke’lab, in 2017. After noticing a number of matriculants were unable to purchase their own outfits, the small business joined forces with The Giving Hand to establish The Matric Drive. “By designing for these students, we’re able to create beautiful and long-lasting memories,” Hardine says. Sketching, stitching, and hemming away, the team gifted garments to hard-working matriculants. “It’s more than just a gown,” Andrews says. “It’s a celebration of academic achievement.”

Meet our boldest guest yet!

Saskia Tihana is the Founder and Creative Director of The Boldest, a creative agency based in Los Angeles that is focused on equipping future focused leaders.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2014 and has spent the last six years building her brand in the USA. She is an entrepreneur, humanitarian, producer and a quadruple threat (musician, actress, dancer and writer), and was awarded a scholarship to study film in the US, before focusing on her business and music careers. The Boldest owns, manages and markets multiple brands all focused on helping people become their best selves. These brands include business focused on the sale of physical products and services, as well as personal brands such as artists and athletes.

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