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Danny Painter is all about love and human connection. Her positivity and friendliness will have you feeling like you're one of her best friends - which you will be! Boasting the highest listener interaction on Jacaranda FM, Danny spends her weeknight evenings playing love songs, speaking to amazing humans and hanging out with you! In her podcasts you will laugh, you will cry and you will learn - mostly to love and most importantly to love yourself!

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You don't want to miss this show!

This week Sunday, our friend and 'Maak My Famous' season one winner, Cheswyn Ray, is hosting a live stream concert - like you have never seen before!The 24-year-old 'Maak My Famous' winner rose to national fame in 2019 when he captured the hearts of South African audiences with his mesmerising weekly stage performances during the KykNET reality TV competition. Born in Worcester, he grew up singing along to his favourite gospel artists, often using the vacuum pipe as a mic!

Fast forward to 2020 and this incredible artist has weathered the storms of the industry, not even making it through the audition round of South African Idols, hearing many "no's" before his 'Maak My Famous' debut - and yet he never quit!This weekend, he takes us on that journey with him, opening up about who he really is, his struggles and his triumphs. Coupled with his incredible voice and gospel music, you know you are in for a treat! I got to sit down with him ahead of his show to discuss everything from life to the mean comments on Facebook and more!

Listen here:

Does Danny trust Jo Black? Would you?

Jo Black and Danny Painter have collaborated on their new video cast called, 'The Jo and Danny Show'. Each week they chat about a different topic, and this week, it got a little bit uncomfortable in the studio! This week, Jo and Danny spoke about 'trust', something they very obviously both struggle with. With them hosting the show together, however, one would think that they would trust each other, but, do they?

How bad is social media really? Izelle Hoffman weighs in

With 'Social Dilemma' trending on Netflix in the last few weeks, our mindfulness expert Izelle Hoffman has some tips and tricks for creating balance and still being visible online.

In 2020, no business or brand can afford to be 'offline', we have to post, to promote, to be seen, but how can we possibly strike a balance between social media and real life? Is it even possible?

According to our mindfulness expert - Izelle Hoffman, it is! I spoke to her about that and her incredible city lamb skewers, perfect for the braai without the phone this weekend!

Meet 'Mazikeen'! The South African Actress starring in Lucifer

She is one of the stars of Lucifer - one of the biggest shows on television at the moment! She's also South African, and proudly so!Lesley-Ann is currently starring as 'Mazikeen' - also known by her nickname 'Maze', is a demon from Hell who works for Lucifer as a servant, lieutenant, enforcer, assistant and right-hand woman - in the international TV series, Lucifer, which made it's season 5 drop on Netflix on Friday 21 August 2020.

They debuted the first 8 episodes and will drop the second half of episodes later in the year. Despite season 5 initially being billed it's 5th and final season, the show is in talks to be coming back for a sixth season! We are all holding thumbs!

I got to chat to her on a Zoom call about the role, about her journey in the industry and her fit and healthy lifestyle!

The second life of a plastic bottle: This trendsetter is recycling with style

It’s easy to down a bottle of water on a hot summer’s day. Getting rid of it is the hard part. Most toss it in the trash. But we can’t make these vessels go away. Plastic items don’t simply decompose.They can lie in landfills for hundreds of years – unless Gina Tarboton gets a hold of them. In this trendsetter's hands, plastic is given a new life as stylish board-shorts.

Tarboton had long been seeking sustainable fabrics for her fashion brand, GiLo Lifestyle. Distraught by the high levels of pollution, she and her business partner Loren Dyer decided to create clothing made from plastic bottles. Picked from landfills, beaches, and oceans in countries with the highest rates of plastic waste, like China and India, the bottles undergo thorough cleaning before being broken down into flakes. These are processed into pure plastic pellets, which are stretched out into a yarn to make fabric. With a sprinkling of spandex added for stretch, the result is a material made of 92% recycled plastic. After being printed in bright patterns, it’s sewn into board-shorts and lifestyle shorts.

Icona Pop pinky promise they're coming to SA

We have loved them for years! We have shouted 'I love it' loudly with our friends and recited their songs word for word in our cars.They are a Swedish electro-pop duo that formed in 2009, with electro house, punk and indie pop music influences. The two members Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, grew up in Stockholm and create what has been described as music "you can both laugh and cry to at the same time". Which is so true!

I got to speak to Caroline on a Zoom about their latest single 'Feels in my body', how they are writing and recording music in lockdown and if they're also baking banana bread!

Jo Black gets candid about failure

Every week, Jo and Danny hang out and unpack their most recent 'Jo and Danny Show' episode. This week the topic up for discussion was failure.
Failure is something we are all far too familiar with, but at it's core, what is it really, how do we measure it and how can we walk away from 'a fail' having learned and grown?
In this weeks episode, available on XOTV via, Jo and Danny get very real about their failures and how they come back from them!

Listen to their chat here:

Izelle Hoffman is back - this week with mindful living tips!

Every week Izelle - our lifestyle chef and 'Mindful Eating' maven shares one of her incredible recipes, this week however, she's giving us some of her mindful living tips!

With spring sprung, it's time for us to get out and about - get some vitamin D, earth yourself and have a guilt free gin or non alcoholic drink with some great fresh herbs and alkalising citrus!

After being forced to leave his home country, this creative teaches the art of belonging

Where do you belong? Solomon Mugutso, a 42-year-old artist, was forced to leave his home in Zimbabwe. When he relocated to South Africa, he struggled to find a space that welcomed him. “Having moved around a lot in my life, it made me feel displaced,” Mugutso says. But soon enough, he discovered more people like him. Using art, Mugutso began creating a space where people could explore their backgrounds and connect with each other.

In his childhood, Mugutso would sketch out the unique features of those he saw on the street. Today, his preferred medium is sand. Mugutso collects soil from the different places he visits and unites them in a single portrait piece – one face that symbolises many. His works represent the collective consciousness of people from separate areas. Mugutso is also a committed art teacher who offers free classes to all those interested, no matter where they’re from. “Why would I charge for a material I know I have in abundance?” he asks. “Art makes me feel like I belong and I’d like my students to feel the same.”

Mugutso has exhibited in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and even across the seas in Sweden. In 2019, he was the Most Recommended Artist at the Rosebank Rotary Arts Festival. Covering a range of issues through his work, such as marginalisation and gender-based violence, Mugutso interlinks a diversity of viewers through the emotions conjured in his pieces. “Art has given me a place in this world,” he says. Through individual expression, he’s creating universal connection.

All your 'Good things' in one!

Every week, Brent Lindeque joins Danny to share some of the best Good news stories out there and this week is no different!

From celebrating local heroes to one woman standing up against GBV, here they are!

The heroes risking hazardous conditions to save our rivers

In Cape Town’s Black River, a group of superheroes are hard at work. Slipping on their protective suits and sun hats, Georgia McTaggart and her crew don’t quite resemble the crime-fighting characters who frequent comic book covers. Yet, they’re equally courageous. Gripping an empty garbage bag and a rake, they probe the treacherous terrain and extract hazardous pollutants. After a gruelling couple of hours, they toss the last of the malignant material into a pile and grin. This isn’t just their job – it’s their duty.

After realising the damaging effects her lifestyle had on the environment, McTaggart began recycling, buying zero-waste products, and picking up rubbish wherever she could. But she knew she could do more. So in 2018, McTaggart founded Help Up, a community initiative that’s cleaning the city’s most polluted areas and creating economic opportunities for homeless and unemployed people at the same time. Each week, the Help Up team, known as Avatars, remove litter from catchment points in canals and rivers, as well as streets that have become dumping grounds. Toxic waste flows through the Black River, making these cleanups especially dangerous. Nonetheless, McTaggart and her team regularly brave the perilous streambeds to restore them to their former glory.

The cleanups have improved the quality of life of the indigenous flora and fauna, as well as the surrounding community. It has also provided over 300 destitute people with an income and purpose, instilling them with a passion for protecting nature. “It’s important for us to realise how important cleanliness is to our environment, but also for our self-worth,” McTaggart says. She demonstrates the impact lending a helping hand can have on both the earth and each other. A positive wave of change erupts from our most selfless acts.

Meet the Pretoria woman shaking things up in Hollywood

Imagine packing up your whole life to move to a different country for your dreams?Well, Lindi Cecile did and it's paid off!

The 25-year-old Pretoria-born actress and producer has been making waves in Hollywood. Currently worked on short films, directing, and more, Lindi is already one of the most sought-after SA actors in Hollywood right now. And we couldn't be prouder!

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