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Entertainer, MC, radio presenter Danny Painter is proudly "born and bred in Brakpan" and brings you interesting interviews with people from all walks of life. Catch her on Jacaranda FM every weekday from 19:00 - 22:00. To send your music requests, SMS Danny on 37942 or Whatsapp her on 084 850 0942.

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Feeling stuck?

Lockdown, global pandemic, the threat of getting very ill - all these things have us social distancing and refocusing on the bigger picture.Some of us are meditating, some of us are exercising, some of us are questioning everything, and that's okay!

Many, many people are in spaces that don't bring them joy, they feel trapped in relationships, jobs, friendships, and everything in between. But, how do we 'unstick' ourselves?
Our life and business coach, Jason Bernic, joined me on a Zoom call to help us navigate these thoughts and feelings and give us the road map we need to get ourselves up and out!

Listen here:

Our one ingredient lockdown challenge this week will spark debate

2019 was the year of "pineapple on pizza or nah" and the two sides vehemently defended their opinions! Tonight, our lifestyle chef and Food Fairy Godmother, Izelle Hoffman, is reopening that debate, mindfully!

Pineapple, yes or no? Maybe this recipe and the mindful reasons behind pineapple will change your mind?Another one ingredient challenge: What's in your fridge?

If you would like Izelle to use your ingredient idea to create a recipe that the whole family will love, send us a message on our Facebook page or leave a comment here and you could win a copy of her eBook - 'Mindful Eating'!

Clement Khoza chats to me about rebranding and his latest single!

Clement Khoza, aka Charlie Mindgames has been in the industry for over 20 yers, working alongside some of the biggest names. This year he has rebranded an re-emerged as an artist, singer and songwriter who is truly to himself. With an outlook that leans into the positive and advice for the younger muso's, Clement joined me on a Zoom call to chat about his journey, his love for the industry and his latest single - Heaven Help us all.

Monday motivation brought to you by our Good Things Guy!

This week we are celebrating the good, and Brent Lindeque has all of it on!Every Monday, I get Brent on a Zoom call to speak about all the best things and most inspirational people to inspire, uplift, and motivate us!

This week we celebrate a young Capetonian doing the most in her community! We celebrate high school students using their Matric ball money to feed the hungry! We celebrate Ladles of Love and South Africa's unsung heroes! You can listen here:

Amy Jones on her brand new single!

She is our last #JacaHotHit this week, and might take the title! You can vote on Facebook and Twitter by liking and sharing the post!

The single is called 'dance on my own' and Amy and I spoke about the meaning, lockdown and facing your demons!

By helping others, one woman kept her business going throughout lockdown

In a world in lockdown, many businesses, both small and large, are facing closure. Jo Watts, owner of talent acquisition company, 'Talent Brand', joined me on a Zoom call to talk about that, sleepless nights, and an initiative that is going to change everything!We are all under stress and pressure to keep our livelihoods and businesses up and running through lockdown and into a new and unknown future.

What we may not realise is that as humans, some of our best lightbulb moments come from helping each other!

As Mahatma Ghandi said: "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." And that is exactly what Jo did! It was during a sleepless night that Jo came up with the Real Heroes Connect, an edutainment platform offering critical information about preventing the spread of the virus!To educate as many essential workers, educators and learners as quickly as possible, Jo and her company, Talent Brand, joined with Mobitainment and TTRO to produce a series of nine short animated videos, available in English, Afrikaans, isiZulu and Setswana and available across multiple platforms, providing information about topics such as physical distancing, when to self-isolate, safely travelling to work and school and how and when to get tested.

Another great article: Danny and Oli Milne chat stage fright, nudity, and lockdown drinking

These short, animated videos are available in both static and interactive format. The former enables employers to broadcast the videos at plants, canteens, and in training rooms and classrooms. Meanwhile, the mobile interactive videos developed by Mobitainment can be watched on employees’ phones. By SMSing “HERO”, or your “company name” or “school” to 30864, employees and learners will obtain a link which they can click on to watch the video whenever they are ready, without incurring data costs.

Izelle Hoffman is helping us kill germs with this week's recipe!

Cookbook author, lifestyle chef, and Mindful Eating warrior Izelle Hoffman joins us weekly for a one ingredient lockdown challenge. This week she's bringing out the big guns! We are in winter, flu season, and a global pandemic, and you know Izelle is going to keep us healthy and happy with this week's germ-busting recipe!

With an approach to eating that is enlightening and educational, Izelle has the ability to take our favourite ingredients and turn them into delicious and nutritious meals for the whole family, even the vegetarians and vegans out there! Explaining the reasons behind each ingredient, the benefits to the body and mind, she is truly our very own 'Food Fairy Godmother'.This week we are talking garlic, garlic, and more garlic! Good for both germs and vampires!

Our homes are their hope. This is how 120 rescues made it through a crisis

At the TEARS Animal Rescue centre in Cape Town, every morning starts with a symphony of excitement. First comes the percussion. Paws pound against metal mesh to form the beat. Next, a choir of howls. Pit bulls, tiny lap dogs, and pavement specials all bay in varied intonations, sounding the arrival of potential forever families. But when COVID-19 spread across South Africa, the shelter sank into a deafening silence. Fearing the dogs would spend weeks without human contact, TEARS marketing coordinator Luke Kruyt and his team hatched a plan to keep tails wagging.

Canines have been our closest companions for over a millennia. Bolstering our immune system with slobbery kisses or reducing stress levels with a single boop, the benefits of this friendship are endless. Yet TEARS and shelters like it are often overflowing with animals who’ve never had the chance to brighten someone’s life. After a national lockdown was implemented, the centre’s volunteers were compelled to social distance, forcing them to evacuate the kennels. Finding temporary foster families for 120 dogs and puppies presented a seemingly insurmountable feat for the organisation. But it was also the perfect time for people to bond with a new best friend.

TEARS launched The Great Escape campaign on social media, imploring locals to make space for the scruffy pooches. What followed was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Phones buzzed for hours on end, and emails came streaming in as thousands of citizens offered their support and care. Within three days, every animal found a place of refuge and the shelter was completely empty. “Knowing that our rescues are safe allows us to focus on helping animals in vulnerable communities during these times of uncertainty,” Kruyt says. The heartwarming response from residents has had a lasting impression on these creatures’ lives. Snuggling up to their humans, these dogs finally know the comfort of a loving home.

Our first #JacaHotHit this week is from an artist opening up the industry!

His name is ZYO and he is a producer and recording artist from Cape Town, using his platform to highlight new artists and open up the music industry!

Today we celebrate him not only for using his power, and position to uplift but also for his newest release ft. Matthew Gold called Dockside days!

You can let me know what you think of the track on Facebook and Twitter! @Jacarandafm!

I grew up without a father. Now I’m stepping up to support others

Growing up, Msizi Phewa’s future was clouded in uncertainty. What direction should he take? Who could he turn to for help? “For many years I lived without a father,” Phewa says. “I felt so lost without that figure in my life.” Little did he know that being adrift would one day steer his path. Today, Phewa is a role model in the township of KwaNyuswa, KwaZulu-Natal. “I’m here for young people,” Phewa says.

Unemployment and lack of opportunity can lead many down the wrong track. Not Phewa. “Where some see hopelessness, I see potential,” he says. As the director of the Light Providers Youth Club, Phewa is opening doors for others to grow. The NPO has a library filled with resources, as well as a space for people to work on their strengths, whether it’s netball, singing, or dancing. Phewa also offers valuable lessons in computer literacy. “Everyone has a talent,” he says. “I hope that by coming here, the youth will find theirs.”

Along the way, Phewa himself has discovered his purpose. He identifies as a leader, there to encourage people on their journeys. “We underestimate how important it is to have a deep understanding of ourself,” Phewa says. It could be the key to unlocking life’s possibilities.

Do you have a confession to make?

It is one of the most talked about Instagram accounts in the country!With over 50 thousand South Africans following them, has risen to a status on social media unknown to many, dreamed of by millions, and only ever experienced by a few.

One scroll through the page and you will see why.

But, with great power, comes great responsibility and the man behind the page is taking his responsibility very, very seriously!

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