Business women's council expands to Central SA

The South African Council of Business Women (SACBW) is expanding to Central South Africa, adding Bloemfontein to its nationwide network. Risna Opperman, the newly appointed local business leader in the Free State, joined the OFM Business Hour to discuss the lack of networking opportunities for female entrepreneurs (fempreneurs), something that inspired her to join the SACBW.
4 Feb 2PM English South Africa Business · Daily News

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Earning above R21,198 per month? Take note

South Africa's Department of Employment and Labour recently implemented revisions to the earnings threshold, a crucial determinant under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA). This alteration signifies a shift for workers whose salaries surpass R21,200 per month in 2024, as they will forfeit certain automatic protections. Shedding light on…
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Call for meritocratic appointment of executives and board members in SOEs

According to the South African government’s official website, there are about 123 State Owned Enterprises in the country, operating at national, provincial and local levels. They are crucial to the development of South Africa, they play an instrumental role in ensuring success in a wide range of areas, and are…
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Construction Contracts: get it clear, get it in writing (part 1)

Construction contracts formalise a project and reduce room for uncertainty or misinterpretation of the intention by the client; therefore – get it clear, get it in writing. This is the advice from Herman du Randt, senior associate at PH Attorney’s dispute resolution division. Du Randt tells the OFM Business Hour…
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Rocking the Vaal slaag om plaaslike gemeenskappe nader aan mekaar te bring

Rocking the Vaal, wat verlede naweek in Vanderbijlpark gehou is, het wêreldrekords verbeter en daarin geslaag om plaaslike gemeenskappe nader aan mekaar te bring. Jaco Verwey, president van die Goue Driehoek Kamer van Koophandel, sê aan Kayla Barker van OFM Sake Uur die organisering van so ’n groot geleentheid is…
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