Road Safety

Mpho Putini is talking to Mokebe Thulo who is head of Brand Aware.Org about Road Safety. They are looking at what is, its mission and vision, its value to the communities or nation at large, and how does this link to road safety.
7 Dec 2023 5AM English South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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The Courage To Overcome.

What does it mean to have the courage to overcome, and how can individuals cultivate resilience, determination, and faith to confront challenges, adversities, and obstacles in their lives, fostering personal growth and achieving their goals? Mpho Putini is talking to Pastor Masasa Lefu about The Courage To Overcome.
23 Feb 6AM 23 min

Conflict Management

Mpho Putini is talking to Glodia Monyai who is an Educational Psychologist about Conflict Management. They look at What role does South African culture and social context play in shaping how conflict is managed and power dynamics within families.
22 Feb 8AM 16 min

Quarterly Check-in: How to course correct

What does "Course Correction" signify, and how can individuals reflect on past experiences, learn from mistakes, and make necessary adjustments to realign their goals and actions with their values and aspirations for the remainder of the year? Mpho Putini is talking to Pastor Kgomotso Kalela about Quarterly Check-in: How to…
22 Feb 7AM 26 min

Walk By The Spirit.

What does it mean to "walk by the Spirit," and how can individuals cultivate a lifestyle characterized by spiritual guidance, wisdom, and empowerment, fostering a deeper connection with God and alignment with His purposes in their lives? Mpho Putini is talking to Dr. Julias Magot Mbu about Walking By The…
22 Feb 6AM 23 min

Publishing P3.

Ayanda Nenemba talks to Pastor Tladi who is the Founder and CEO of Coign Books and takes us through a modular series empowering established and upcoming Christian authors with skills, tools, and biblical standards for publishing, in line with legislation in South Africa. They are looking at the overview of…
21 Feb 7AM 20 min