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Hebr. 10:25 instructs Christians to never neglect the fellowship of the saints, both for worship and for instruction. So, we believe as a Christian, you had attended a church this past weekend, and had received a sermon. Of that whole sermon, what is the one point that stuck? Please tell us in 30 sec – 1 min so we can all learn from you this morning
4 Dec 2023 12AM English South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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Vastfontein sport flourishes!

Janine van Niekerk is speaking to Kuhle Mathonsi, a talented athlete from Vastfontein, as well as Mario Swart, who is principle at Vastfontein Batho Pele Christian School, about the positive open door sport offers in the lives of the young people who take part in it.
29 Feb 1AM 20 min


A Godsightings is where you see God in action this past week. You tell us where He has saved you, protected, healed or provided for you, just blessed you in any way, and we tell the world.
1 Mar 12AM 16 min