Mercy Circle

Mpho Putini talks to Pastor Jimmy Rhydes who is the CEO of Mercy Circle (which is a circle of mercy) NPC. They are looking at what is it, its vision, and its value to people and their target group and not forgetting their next project happening on the 28th of November 2024.
27 Nov 2023 2AM English South Africa Christianity · Christianity

Other recent episodes

Mind Your Language.

What importance does language hold in shaping perceptions and interactions, and how can individuals cultivate mindfulness in their language to promote positivity, empathy, and effective communication in their relationships and communities? Sibongile Mofokeng is talking to Pastor Gladwell Zabane about Mind Your Language.
4 Mar 8AM 42 min

Have Faith In All You Do.

How does having faith in all you do contribute to resilience, perseverance, and success in life's endeavors, and what practices or beliefs can help individuals cultivate and maintain unwavering faith amidst challenges and uncertainties? Sibongile Mofokeng is talking to Dr. Sibo Mkhize about Having Faith In All You Do.
4 Mar 7AM 39 min

Look what the Lord has done.

Sibongile Mofokeng is talking to Pastor Angy Camposreal about Look what the Lord has done. They are looking at How a Close to death Experience Affected Her Mental Health. Now she is the living testimony.
1 Mar 6AM 39 min

The Office Of Tax Ombudsman.

Ayanda Nenemba talks to Mr. Francois Viljoen from the office of The Tax Ombuds. They look into any question related to tax by taxpayers since their mandate is to review and address any complaint by a taxpayer regarding a service matter or a procedural or administrative matter arising from the…
29 Feb 7AM 41 min