Call Him.

Calling someone means you need help, and undivided attention, and Mpho Putini talks to Dr Julias Magot Mbu about Calling Him. He looks at how the man named Bartimius called on Jesus as He was passing by. That attracted the attention of many and some where unhappy with how he called Jesus.
23 Nov 2023 7AM English South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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The Same Message on a different platform.

How does delivering the same message on different platforms enhance its reach and impact, and what strategies can individuals and organizations employ to effectively adapt and disseminate their message across various mediums, fostering broader engagement and understanding? Ayanda Nenemba talks to Pastor VTJ Masakona about The Same Message on a…
28 Feb 8AM 35 min

Turning your draft into a manuscript.

Ayanda Nenemba talks to Pastor Tladi about Turning your draft into a manuscript. They are looking at drafts and manuscripts, and how to turn your draft into a manuscript so it can be accepted by the publisher.
28 Feb 8AM 23 min

The Overview of Budget Speech.

On 21 February 2024, the Minister of Finance, Enoch Godongwana, delivered the 2024 budget speech. Ayanda Nenemba is talking to Dr. Lukas Moloi and they go throw The Overview of Budget Speech. They are looking at personal tax, Flow through incentives for infrastructure projects, Section 12B renewable energy allowance, etc
28 Feb 7AM 23 min

Legal Education - Domestic Violence.

What are the root causes of domestic violence, and what measures can individuals and communities take to prevent and address this harmful behavior, providing support and resources for victims and promoting healthy, respectful relationships? Ayanda Nenemba is talking to Advocate Puleng Matshelo about Legal Education - Domestic Violence.
28 Feb 7AM 44 min

My Grace Is Sufficient For You..

Sibongile Mofokeng talks to Ms. Rhoda Grootboom about the sufficient grace of God. They are looking at why is God's grace so sufficient, and how to enjoy this Grace.
27 Feb 8AM 34 min