Favoritism, whether subtle or overt, can breed resentment and inequality, undermining relationships and causing emotional rifts among individuals. Dr. Ray Legodi is talking to Apostle Phumla Mfene about it and looking at it from different angles.
23 Nov 2023 English South Africa Christianity · Self-Improvement

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When Leaders Hunger For Power.

What dangers or consequences arise when leaders hunger for power, and how can organizations and societies promote accountability, integrity, and servant leadership to mitigate the negative impacts of power-seeking behaviors and foster greater harmony and effectiveness in leadership? Dr. Ray Legodi is talking to Apostle Mfene about When Leaders Hunger…
23 Feb 39 min

God's grace

Thomson Mashakeni is with Pastor Ernest Kgwadi talking about the grace of God, only to those who rely or trust on God's grace can be confident in the present life we are living in. Ephesians 2 : 1 - 10 and Romans 10 : 9 - 10
21 Feb 41 min


Thomson Mashakeni is with Pastor Sizwe Zuma talking about forgiveness. Forgiveness among couples, forgiveness in our local churches with a closing remark of lessons learnt about forgiveness.
19 Feb 43 min

The Lord has been with us till this far

Thomson Mashakeni is with Pastor Ernest Kgwadi talking Ebenezer 1 Samuel 7: 1 - 12 If the Ark of the covenant (the presence of the Lord) is not with us, we cannot make it. As a country we need to come repent before the Lord, when we humble ourselves before…
13 Feb 37 min

Never forget who God is

Thomson Mashakeni is with Pastor Ernest Kgwadi teaching about the book of Mark 11 :12- 22 Note "...Jesus was disappointed..." We see His divinity, when Jesus speaks, and things happen at that particular time. Sometimes we go or come to people with expectation of getting help from them... but in…
13 Feb 41 min