Nomonde Bawuthi On The Shift

Nomonde Bawuthi, a 34 year old woman with 3 beautiful kids. Born in the eastern cape in a small village named Cadberg. Relocated in 1992 to embalenhle ext 12. "I am currently residing in Evander Mpumalanga. In 2017 I accepted that there was a problem that I was going through in terms of mental breakdown, I then went to specialist to assist in identifying which type of mental illness I was suffering from, after several tests and different medication prescribed to me I was eventually diagnosed with Bi-polar type 2 which comprises of manic episodes as well as major depressive episodes. Due to the intensity of my illness my behavior become uncontrollable and I had to be admitted into a psychiatric hospital for 3 weeks every year until they could figure out which medication was best for me. During that time I was in the rehabilitation, treatment and recovery stage and it was the most difficult stage I've ever expirienced. I Began writting about my expirience which was very therepuatic to me, I read and researched about my illness and coping mechanisms, it helped for a while... Yes a while meaning just for a couple of months, little did I know that I was suffering with much more than that
30 Oct 2023 English South Africa Society & Culture

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Phindile Msiza On The Shift

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