[TOP STORY] Busa calls for UIF to be placed under administration

‘My recommendation is that the president does that and gets a competent group of people to go in there, investigate and fix the systems as they investigate. They need to investigate the investments that have been made because the allegations are many of those are dodgy,’ says Johnny Goldberg, Busa Nedlac labour market convenor.
5 Oct 2023 9AM English South Africa Business News · Politics

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[TOP STORY] Looming industrial gas crisis, government called upon to make haste

‘These industries employ 70 000 people, contribute significantly to the manufacturing sector to the extent of about R500 billion a year and there are no feasible or discernible alternatives for energy to run these plants at this particular point in time,’ says Jaco Human of the Industrial Gas Users Association…
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Global market access vital for SA's beef producers

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[TOP STORY] New strategies at Sars set to pay off

‘One of the major things that was a good example of the rebuilding process is what was the reestablishment of the Sars Large Business Centre to what it was, which is essentially a one-stop shop for companies with a certain level of income so that they can more easily resolve…
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Why KZN is this year’s election battleground

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