Couples In Business.

Sibongile Mofokeng is talking to Danny Vambili about Couples In Business. They are looking at how you work with your spouse doing business together, what things to consider to avoid unnecessary conflicts, and how you overcome all the challenges.
21 Sep 2023 9AM English South Africa Christianity · Christianity

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The Best Business For High School.

Given Illustrative Masilela talks about The Best Business For High School. He is focusing on the issue that you must do business such a way that it is well balanced with your academics and respect school rules pertaining selling.
11 Jul 2AM 27 min

Audit and Verification - Tax.

Sibongile Mofokeng is conversing with Tax Specialist Patricia Khomani about Audit and Verification - Tax. They share more information about tax especially audit and verification since its that time of the year of tax and that we need to know these terms.
10 Jul 4AM 42 min

Young people are redefining entrepreneurship

Given Illustrative Masilela talks about Pitch Your Business. He is focusing on how young people are redefining entrepreneurship, giving young people more tips, and that young people are working online.
10 Jul 3AM 17 min


Sibongile Mofokeng is in conversation with Dr. Sibo Mkhize, Psychologist about Self-Care. They are looking and delving deeper at the issue of rest, that rest is needed since our Father God rested too on the 7th day.
9 Jul 5AM 39 min