Bahle Nhlapo talks to Archbishop BW Makwakwa and Pastor Kenneth Mwale about Evangelism. They look at what is evangelism, who must go out and do evangelism, whether is it an effective practice, how we evangelize, and what it takes to be in a mission of winning souls.
21 Aug Zulu South Africa Christianity · Self-Improvement

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Relationships Reconciliation. .

Bahle Nhlapo is talking to Bishop Hosea Richard Mokoena who is a servant of the Lord, founder of The Lord's Tough Evangelical Ministry in Boksburg, and they are looking into the topic titled: "Relationships Reconciliation." They focuses on what is reconciliation, why reconciliation, and the value of it and what…
1 Dec 53 min

Come down in the Storm.

Need some encouragement to carry on? Bahle Nhlapo is talking to Nomazizi Matsha about Come down in the Storm. They are looking at why calming down especially in the storm and its values.
1 Dec 13 min

How To Pray?

Pastor Shaun Setlhare talks about How To Pray. He is looking at what is prayer, why we must pray, how to pray and what does the scripture say about how we must pray.
1 Dec 13 min

The Second Coming Of Christ.

What signs or prophecies indicate the timing and nature of the Second Coming of Christ across different religious beliefs and interpretations? How do various religious doctrines and scriptures envision the role, purpose, and anticipated events surrounding the Second Coming of Christ? Bahle Nhlapo talks to Pastor JB Fakude about The…
29 Nov 54 min

The Importance of love amongst brethren.

Love among brethren, also known as brotherly love or agape, is a vital cornerstone of the Christian faith, fostering unity, compassion, and a strong sense of community. Bahle Nhlapo is talking to Bongi Gqontshi about The Importance of love amongst brethren.
29 Nov 18 min