The Brics Summit's effect on tourism

A round up of news updates, including a look at the latest in the NASFAS drama.
21 Aug 6AM English South Africa Business News · Politics

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Nearly half of SA’s water is unsafe to drink

‘The municipalities are not budgeting sufficiently for maintenance of the infrastructure…and in the worst performing municipalities they're not hiring staff with the correct qualifications to operate the drinking water infrastructure such as the treatment plants,’ says Sean Phillips, Director-General of Water and Sanitation.
6 Dec 7AM 6 min

Inadequate law enforcement failing tourists

A round-up of news updates, including a look at whether SA is at risk of a technical recession. Concerns over the safety of tourists in SA and a look at the latest report on the quality of SA's drinking water.
6 Dec 5AM 32 min

ANC's financial desperation risks deeper state capture

A round-up of news updates, including a look at the court outcome around independent candidates. A look at the ANC’s financial situation and unpacking Nelson Mandela’s legacy as the world remembers him 10 years on.
5 Dec 5AM 28 min

[TOP STORY] How to ensure competent candidates are appointed to save ailing SOEs

‘Because the way it works currently in our public sector is government or the minister makes appointments to these boards, and one has to wonder what criteria they're taking into account when we know that there’s political play here,’ says Professor Parmi Natesan, chief executive officer at the Institute of…
4 Dec 7AM 6 min