Nomagugu Damba - My Testimony and my life's journey P1.

Bahle Nhlapo talks to Nomagugu Damba about Her Testimony. She is taking us back to her youthful background, what happened in her life, her challenges, life issues, and how she continued to stand.
11 Aug Zulu South Africa Christianity

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Book Review: "Pressure - Stay Grounded" by Pastor Katlego Malatsi.

The pressures of life can shape and challenge us, testing our resilience and pushing us to grow beyond our limits, yet they also offer opportunities for learning, adaptation, and personal strength amidst adversity. Bahle Nhlapo is talking to Pastor Katlego Malatsi about His Book: Pressure - Stay Grounded.
29 Nov 39 min

Book Review: Why is God not answering ?

The question of why God may seem silent often relates to the complexity of human experiences, faith, and perception. It might stem from seeking understanding during challenges, emphasizing the importance of faith, patience, and introspection in interpreting divine responses. To get the answers and understanding of this question, Bahle Nhlapo…
22 Nov 37 min

Hellen Vokal: My life journey of challenges, tears and joy.

Bahle Nhlapo is talking to Hellen Vokal who is a singer, born in Last Hope. She is a miracle baby who put her parents in a tough situation to decide on terminating the pregnancy but her dad refused and stayed rooted in God. She takes us through her life journey…
21 Nov 41 min