Working in a foreign country - closed to the gospel

We speak to a worker, her wonderful experiences, as well as being interrogated for her faith, BUT GOD protecting her in every way.
18 Jun 2023 Afrikaans South Africa Self-Improvement · Christianity

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Zaretha van Wyk

Zaretha is weer op die program, wat `n inspirasie is hierdie vrou! Sy gesels oor die lied, Lazarus kom uit. Mag dit jou hart ook aanraak.
12 May 26 min

Roy and Colleen Mann (Episode 1)

In the time of celebrating Passover, Roy and Colleen share about Jesus as the Corner Stone and the Cap Stone of our faith. May you be inspired by this time of fellowship.
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Roy and Colleen Mann (2)

Colleen shares her heart and love for Jesus. We talk about Jesus, the author and finisher and focus of our faith.
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