TCS+ | Arctic Wolf on managing security threats to SA business

Fortifying one’s most valuable assets requires additional security, yet globally these security skills are in short supply.
In this episode of TechCentral’s TCS+ technology show, Ian McShane, vice president of strategy at Arctic Wolf Networks, offers his insights into how organisations of all sizes can improve their cybersecurity posture despite the dearth of experienced IT security personnel. Watch or listen to the interview below.
A recently published Arctic Wolf survey found that 68% of organisations identified staffing-related issues as the number one threat to achieving their objectives.
The scenario is by no means unique to South Africa. In fact, if anything, the country is benefitting from public and private initiatives backfilling the market and from the shared learning that Arctic Wolf, as a global player, brings to the situation.
Large organisations have a perceived advantage in that they can afford to employ more people, have greater processing capacity and more tool stacks as lines of defence. However, the challenge of finding the right people with the right skills, nurturing that talent and building a strong security culture remains. It is a full-time commitment and comes at huge cost, not to mention the additional cost of retaining such talent.
Small and medium-sized enterprises face the same adversaries and are often so focused on business as usual that they don’t dedicate enough time or resources to lurking security risks.
McShane, whose organisation has grown from strength to strength since 2012 and has the capacity to scrutinise vast quantities of data, takes a practical view on mitigating this risk. He believes in complementing the existing skills and tools that may already exist.
Companies leverage Arctic Wolf’s expertise as a third-party MDR (manage, detect and response) service and are operationalised rapidly. The immediate threat landscape is scanned and the health check radiated on a customisable dashboard. This immediately augments the chief information security officer’s security posture and helps triage the severity of identified threats.
McShane suggests that all organisations should consider implementing 24/7/365 managed services and using the operationalised toolset and data, while addressing the skills gap and nurturing talent to become more au fait with the ever-evolving threats and response mechanisms.
To review Arctic Wolf’s 10 cybersecurity predictions, please visit its website and review its lab reports after you’ve listened to this insightful conversation.
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