Prof Dion Forster - Gethsemane Moments

Prof Dion touches on Gethsemane moments and reflects on Mark 14 - where we see that even in the life of Jesus, God works to turn pressure into great promise! God can redeem lost and painful realities for redemption and salvation by His grace.
16 Mar 2023 English South Africa Religion & Spirituality · Christianity

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Prof Dion Forster - We Need Each Other

We might not be able to do everything, or have every gift or ability. Buy, God places us among others to do our bit, and be blessed when others do their bit! Like Moses and Aaron!
22 Feb 8 min

Prof Dion Forster - The Beginning of Happiness

This past Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, and lent has begun. Prof Dion talks about the ‘beginning of happiness’ (Jeremiah 17:5-10 and Psalm 1). The idea is that happiness is not a goal, but a ‘fruit’ and we gain happiness by being ‘rooted’ in good soil.
15 Feb 10 min

Prof Dion Forster - Come, Follow Me

Prof Dion works through Mark 1:14-20, the calling of the disciples. He reflects on what it means when God calls us - the blessing, but also the courage to respond, and how to remain faithful when we might doubt. Jesus will never call us to do anything that he hasn't…
1 Feb 10 min

Prof Dion Forster - God Trusts in Us

“Jesus is infallibly devoted to us in spite of our inconsistent devotion to him..." Listen in as Prof Dion shares more on this very honest look at how God feels about us, versus how we might feel about Him.
25 Jan 8 min