Cape Pulpit 729AM Get Up & Go Breakfast - Life in Action Worldview - Prof Dion Forster

Get Up & Go Breakfast - Life in Action Worldview - Prof Dion Forster

Prof Dion Forster is the Head of Department of Systematic Theology and Ecclesiology, and the director of the Beyers Naudé Center for Public Theology. Every week Prof Dion helps us to express our faith practically with a dose of his infectious passion for life and the Word.
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Prof Dion Forster - Co Labouring with Christ

Prof Dion talka about becoming an answer to our prayers. He touches on becoming co-laborers, alongside God, in the world, recognizing that we are placed in certain places, and amongst certain people, to pray and love and act for the sake of God’s loving will to be done.
1 Jun 8 min

Prof Dion Forster - Freedom Day

Prof Dion joins us on Freedom Day and talks about forgiveness and freedom. He shares some wonderful stories out of his own life about the struggle and the joy felt on the 27th of April, all those years ago.
27 Apr 10 min

Prof Dion Forster - Is Jesus Really the Lord of your Life?

The Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization that met in Cape Town in 2010 has a saying: Jesus Christ is is Lord of all, or he is not Lord at all. Dion reflects on what it means for Jesus to be the Lord of every aspect of our lives. It has…
13 Apr 11 min

Prof Dion Forster - Holy Thursday

Prof Dion walks us through Holy Thursday, which commemorates Jesus' last supper with his disciples, and some say the initiation of the Lord's supper. There is also a focus on Jesus' example of service.
6 Apr 10 min

Prof Dion Forster - Gethsemane Moments

Prof Dion touches on Gethsemane moments and reflects on Mark 14 - where we see that even in the life of Jesus, God works to turn pressure into great promise! God can redeem lost and painful realities for redemption and salvation by His grace.
16 Mar 10 min

Prof Dion Forster - The Consequences of Our Prayers

Prof Dion challenges us with this question: "What might we mean when we pray, ‘Lord Jesus, make me like You.’ Or, ‘Your will be done on earth, as in heaven.’. Do we understand the consequences of these kinds of prayer
2 Mar 8 min

Prof Dion Forster - Living Truthfully

Prof Dion takes us to Matt 5:37 and these integrity-challenging questions: Are you living truthfully, and is your YES, really a YES, and the same with your NO?
16 Feb 11 min

Prof Dion Forster - How God works to 'unearth' treasures

Prof Dion shares a fascinating look at how we consider the things of the past compared to the things of now, in day to day life and in our spiritual walk. Matthew 13:52, ESV: And he said to them, “Therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of…
9 Feb 8 min

Dion Foster - Humility

Prof Dion shares on the importance of humility. The notion of humble strength, or humble confidence, like Jesus was with his disciples, and even persons who persecuted him.
2 Feb 10 min

Prof Dion Forster – Sharing Hospitality

Prof Dion takes a look at Matthew 25:34-40 and says it can be a challenge to be ‘free’ with our time, our resources, and our space, particularly when we feel under pressure, under-resourced, or under appreciated. How do we follow Jesus’s call to radical hospitality in this wonderful new year?
5 Jan 9 min

Prof Dion Forster – Joy in Christ

Prof Dion joins us from Germany in this edition of his Advent conversation, as we highlight the 3rd Sunday in Advent and focus on the Joy of Christ.
15 Dec 2022 8 min

Prof Dion Forster – True Freedom

Prof Dion talks about 'discovering true freedom' by keeping our eyes fixed firmly on Jesus and focus on Hebrews chapter 2 and 12.
17 Nov 2022 8 min

Prof Dion Forster – Words

Prof Dion shares a message to encourage our listeners to cultivate a love and hunger for God’s word, and also to be spiritually discerning about the power of ‘our words’ and the ongoing importance of ‘words of wisdom and prophecy’.
10 Nov 2022 10 min
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