The Beauty Pass with Morag Steyn - Skin Cycling

If you’re on the skin-care side of Instagram or TikTok, chances are you’ve seen the words “skin cycling” floating around recently. Morag explains what it is and how to apply the steps
21 Feb English South Africa Arts

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Interview: Thapelo & Gino Lee

Nicole had Thapelo and Gino Lee in for a chat following the release of their collaboration on "Caught Up", a 90's inspired pop/R&B track. This is Thapelo's debut single while Gino has had a hand in writing and producing many tracks over his career. Have a listen to hear how…
14 Jun 23 min

Johannesburg Queer Chorus

Darren Meltz, the chairperson of The Johannesburg Queer Chorus chats to Nicole ahead of their show this Sunday and their trip to Italy for the Various Voices Choir Festival as the first ever choir from the African continent
1 Jun 12 min

The Beauty Pass - V Day

If it's interesting, Nicole is all about it. The Feel Good Drive with Nicole da Silva is every weekday from 3-6PM. She promises a fun, engaging and judgment free zone. Staying in touch with the community, cool lifestyle trends and venues and fun chats are also part of the package.
14 Feb 18 min