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Welcome to Joburg’s feel-good community music radio station. 919 isn’t just a place on your dial. We want to be a space in your heart. Feel good! Anytime!
South Africa
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The Feel Good Drive

If it's interesting, Nicole is all about it. The Feel Good Drive with Nicole da Silva is every weekday from 3-6PM. She promises a fun, engaging and judgment free zone. Staying in touch with the community, cool lifestyle trends and venues and fun chats are also part of the package.
1 Aug 24 episodes English Arts

The All Star Sunday Chillout

Shaun is a “triple c” kinda guy – cool, calm, and collected! #TheAllStarSundayChillout will keep you up-to-date with all the local and international celebrity news. Issues affecting the LGBTIQA+ community, Shaun will ensure that they are always given a spotlight and heard on all fronts. Queer babies, this show is…
19 Mar 20 episodes English Music · Film Reviews

9-12 Starring You And Mzi

There are two things Mzi loves to do with you; enjoying the best local music and more and getting to know those who give us the best local music and more. Have a listen to Mzi do a bit of both on the 9 - 12 Starring You and Mzi…
24 Feb 19 episodes English Arts


Star 919 News brings you the news that you need to know. We cover stories that have broken internationally, nationally and most importantly - in your community.
17 Jan 6AM 3 episodes English News · Daily News

The All Star Drive

Your funny, sarcastic and witty friends to help you forget about your day and drive you home safely with the best local music and more!
13 Sep 2022 4 episodes English Music · Leisure

Weekend Breakfast With Dubbz

A show about food, dating, numerology and making you happy through music, that’s right we can give you insight on your career or love life!
14 Aug 2022 2 episodes English Society & Culture

Star FM

Star 91.9 FM is a youth station which plays the best local music and more.
0 episodes English Music · Music Commentary

The Ish Show

The Ish Show with Adrian
0 episodes English Sports · Music Interviews

The Open Circuit

The Open Circuit with Mark
0 episodes English Comedy · Comedy Interviews