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If it's interesting, Nicole is all about it. The Silva Edition with Nicole da Silva is every weekday from 12 to 3PM. She promises a fun, engaging and judgment free zone. Staying in touch with the community, cool lifestyle trends and venues and fun chats are also part of the package.

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The Beauty Pass with Morag Steyn - 2020Me. The year of the Wellness Warrior

2023 is the year of the wellness warrior. We’re constantly redefining the ways we can achieve good health – both mental and physical. We are all looking to reignite a passion for wellness in 2023. As always I’ve rounded up advice from some leading industry professionals across beauty, fitness and healthcare to find out which wellness trends we’ll all be raving about this 20-20ME.

The Beauty Pass with Morag Steyn - When to throw them away!

Raise your hand if you've had a tube of definitely expired mascara knocking around in your makeup bag for over a year now. How about a lipstick you've been swiping on for a decade? Unless you routinely set aside time to clean out your cosmetics stash, it's all too easy to keep makeup, toiletries, grooming tools, and medications long after their expiration dates. We're all guilty of it—but it's time to make a change and its one thing to add to your things to do whilst load-shedding. Have a listen

The Beauty Pass with Morag Steyn - Spinal health with Dr Lean Swanepoel

Morag had a pretty scary and eye opening incident a few weeks ago when she woke up unable to walk or move around. After a few weeks of needles, rest and chiro visits she wanted to share her experience and have (her)Chiropractor Dr Lean Swanepoel explain why so many people are having experiences like this and how it can be avoided, and what to do when it happens.

The Hook Up - Giles original pub

Giles was recently given the joint Best Of Jo'burg Award for neighbourhood pub. Nicole caught up with one of the joint owners and manager, Harald to find out about Giles' history, what he thinks makes it top of mind and to get a bit of insight as to what they have planned for the world cup
Giles website

The Beauty Pass with Morag Steyn - Wake Up. Don't Fake Up

We all know that counterfeit beauty products aren't new. People have been knocking off popular brands for years, but what if you knew exactly what was in them and how they affect your health, would you still be tempted to buy them? Morag Steyn uncovers the filthy secrets the counterfeit beauty industry hopes you won't find out.

#Beauty #TheSilvaEdition #BeautyTrends #MoragSteyn

The Beauty Pass with Morag Steyn - Cupping

Cupping is a type of alternative therapy that involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. This suction is thought to improve the flow of energy in the body and facilitate healing. Morag explains the pros, cons and many benefits of cupping.

#TheBeautyPass #TheSilvaEdition #MoragSteyn #Health #Beauty

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