Ep. 107 Discovering your power in the dark: load shedding & other challenges

South Africans are daily plunged into the dark by intermittent electricity supply – but have we been robbed of our inner energy? Rudi Swanepoel explains how we can channel our personal power in a solution-focused way, the benefits of harnessing group energy, and how parents can use their energy to empower their children - in particular the parents of teens and young adults.
28 Feb 2023 English South Africa Self-Improvement · Relationships

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Ep. 163 Weight loss drugs, including Ozempic: a game changer or high-risk?

Can weight loss medicines be regarded as a miracle cure for obesity? Dr Manoj Bagwandeen considers the occurrence, causes, health risks and treatment of obesity, bearing in mind underlying mental health issues. Discussing appetite-suppressing and other weight loss drugs in terms of their advantages and risks, Manoj points out why…
13 May 34 min

Ep. 162 Mariette en Mart-Marie: ‘n ma-en-dogter hartsgesprek

Mariette en Mart-Marie gesels openhartig oor die soet en die seer van ma-en-dogterverhoudings: kommunikasiekwessies, rebelsheid, kwesbaarheid, goed genoeg wees, aanvaarding en 'magic'. Hierdie episode word opgedra aan elke ma en dogter. (Sensitiewe inhoud: verwysing na geweld)
7 May 33 min

Ep. 160 Living with an autoimmune disease and chronic pain: what I’ve learnt

Angel medium Belinda Bras-Nel explains how a life-long autoimmune condition, only recently diagnosed, has impacted her physically and psychologically and affected her work and relationships. Viewing these challenges in a spiritual light, she sees herself as being “pregnant with the earth, ” contributing to a general shift in consciousness.
23 Apr 38 min

Ep. 159 Can your sensory profile affect your mental health?

Does hyper- or hyposensitivity cause you to feel overwhelmed or under-stimulated in environments others may find normal? Psychologist Luricka Fick considers whether mental health difficulties, including depression, anxiety and risk-taking behaviour, may point to sensory integration issues. She discusses the role dopamine plays in over- and under-responsiveness, and the benefits…
16 Apr 38 min