Accelerating Women-Owned Business in Male-Dominated Sectors

Maphefo Sipula, who is the Senior Researcher from eTTP [Entrepreneurship To The Point] talks Accelerating Women-Owned Business in Male-Dominated Sectors.

As the country commemorates the 15th annual Global Entrepreneurship Week , Entrepreneurship to the Point (Property Point) launched its first research study titled, “Accelerating Women-Owned Business in Male-Dominated Sectors: A South African Case Study” 

Globally, there is a great move for development and support of Small business and Entrepreneurship but this need to be done in an inclusive way which highlights Women-owned businesses – “this is not a theme and topic” isolated to a particular month but one which is an imperative to the developmental agenda, There is a growing body of evidence around the world that shows that gender diversity is linked to innovation in business and economic growth of a country as a whole. 

Therefore, we can’t commemorate Global Entrepreneurship week without reflecting on reality that Women-owned businesses continue to operate under challenging conditions, such as discrimination, economic exclusion exploitation, and stereotypes. There is a huge gender gap in terms of policies and interventions that would help women entrepreneurs.