CAREER'S CORNER: What does it take to create a long-lasting career in TV

Ziphozonke Majola - TV Producer, Director & Founder of Sothar Pictures talks about What does it take to create a long-lasting career in TV

Breaking into the Film and Television Industries

So you want to be an actor. Or maybe a producer. What about an editor? Here's what you need to know.

So you want to be in show business. Maybe you’ve been working in a field that isn’t exciting enough or doesn’t use enough of your creativity. Or you’re just starting out and know that a regular desk job isn’t for you. Plus, you go to the movies and watch TV shows. How hard can it be to make one of those? 

The bad news is that breaking into the film and television industries can be daunting and frustrating. The good news is that with hard work, a clear vision of your goals and a few tips on how to start, it’s possible to get a foothold in an extremely creative and fulfilling career. It happens every day to people who are willing to put in the time. Since it’s not all glamour and high pay, the most important qualification is a love of the work.