The Gut, the Brain and Mental Health

The gut and the brain are linked, and that link may be more than the gut simply sending a message to the brain after a meal to signal satisfaction. What if the gut was a brain, of sorts? What if your mental health potentially depended on your gut health… could the gut be the next frontier of major advances in neuroscience? We speak to Professors Sian Hemmings and Anwar Mall to find out.
15 Nov 2022 English South Africa Society & Culture · Health & Fitness

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Journalism, Journalists and Mental Wellness

Journalists are facing threats and hostility in more countries than ever before, according to this year’s World Press Freedom Index, an annual report published by Reporters without Borders. The index analyses legal and physical threats to journalists. This episode focuses on potential consequences - emotional difficulties and compromised well-being. The…
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Psychiatry - Quo Vadis?

Psychiatry is unique amongst medical disciplines in embracing a truly holistic approach to patient assessment and care. However, in our desire for acceptance and credibility as a medical discipline, has Psychiatry strayed from what makes it unique? Has Psychiatry overcompensated biologically, in order to be viewed as truly medical? In…
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Youth Self-Harm and Suicidality

Cutting or burning oneself, amongst other behaviours, would be for most anathema. Yet for some it is a source of relief... a release, a way of coping. On this episode, we are joined by Prof Mark Goldblatt and Dr Wendy Duncan.
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PTSD: Crime, Trauma, Justice & Healing

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Psychiatry in the Workplace

Employee wellness is a key component of organisational effectiveness. Where ill health and absenteeism or impaired functioning is a consequence of psychiatric illness, the system is faced with challenges that require specific awareness and understanding. For this episode, we are joined by Prof. Stoffel Grobler and Nika Grobler. Jackie Maimin…
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