Ep. 84 How to attract spiritual abundance

Angel whisperer Belinda Bras-Nel explains what spiritual abundance is and why we need to work “from the inside out.” She discusses the role of positive intent and healthy habits on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels which will charge the auric field and amplify love, compassion, joy and peace.
30 Aug 2022 English South Africa Self-Improvement · Relationships

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Ep. 153 My kind emigreer – hoe hanteer ek dit?

Jou hart breek aan stukke wanneer jou kind emigreer, maar jy is ook bly oor die voordele en nuwe moontlikhede. Emigrasieterapeut dr. Sulette Ferreira belig aspekte van die besluit om te emigreer, vrae wat ouers kan vra, die ervaring van broers en susters, en grootouerskap oor grense heen. Sy gee…
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Ep. 152 Strengthening self-love: understand your sensory preferences

Is your natural inclination visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic? How can you apply this knowledge to deepen your connection with others – and, most importantly, with yourself? Human development specialist Dr Melodie de Jager explores our sensory systems and preferences, offering practical tips on increasing our awareness, enhancing self-care, and even…
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Ep. 150 Why the world needs your feminine energy

Do you push yourself too hard in order to survive? Now’s the time to replace “harsh masculine energies” with a more balanced approach. Angel medium Belinda Bras-Nel explains how the feminine aspect - dishonoured through the ages - is rising, and what men and women can do to let go…
30 Jan 40 min

Ep. 149 Cortisol, stress and weight gain: insights and solutions

Carrying excess weight - especially abdominal fat - could point to elevated cortisol levels. Naturopathic doctor Faryal Luhar discusses possible causes and how cortisol surges affect our physical and mental health. She outlines the role of hormones like DHEA, testosterone, leptin, and ghrelin, and offers practical advice on how to…
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