#022 Understanding my desire to be a biotech entrepreneur | Mauritz Venter

A learning journey conversation with a fellow EMBA student.

I recently completed an Executive MBA through the University of Cape Town's Graduate School of Business.

With classes moving on-line (in 2020 and 2021) due to the covid-19 pandemic there wasn't enough time (for me) to connect with fellow students and hear about their research projects. I decided to interview my fellow students to learn about their research.

In this podcast I speak to Dr. Mauritz Venter, CEO and co-founder of AzarGen Biotechnologies about his desire to be a biotech entrepreneur.
Being an entrepreneur is risky, and Mauritz wanted to explore why even in spite of uncertainty, risk and anxiety there was nothing else he would rather do.
This study followed on from the intense reflective practice which is part of the EMBA course.

Delving deeper into his desire to be a biotech entrepreneur he found that this desire was a result of trying to be true to his values in finding a meaningful orientation that would lead to creating a better world.