#5  Energy Innovation - Kasangazi Hydro-Electrical Power Plant

Colrerd Nkosi is a young Malawian who innovated with basic materials to generate and connect his village to electricity. Using a bicycle dynamo and an old refrigerator compressor, Nkosi at the age of 21, was able to bring electricity in his village. Since then, more households continue to be connected. The households pay $1 per month for maintenance. The money has helped in expanding the grid. Only 10 percent of the Malawi population is connected to electricity.

Speaking in his home language Colrerd presents his product, which is translated into English. This so all of Africa can hear about his innovation, which broadcast across eighteen community radio stations in Malawi, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Namibia and Zambia. On the Freedom Pioneers of Africa programme, listers give their thoughts on initiatives presented by upcoming innovators and whether the initiative would work in their environments.
Colrerd also received feedback on his work from our resident Global Connector, Bianca Praetorius. Bianca is a startup pitch coach who offers insights into all things technology, digitisation and innovation.