#11  Housing Innovation - Nelplast Eco

Nelson Boateng and his team at Nelplast Eco Ghana Limited are killing two birds with one stone by ridding the state capital of filth and providing affordable building materials made from plastic waste.
Unlike many who recycle plastic waste into bags or other handy products, Nelplast Eco Ghana uses plastics as ‘concrete’ to build roads and houses.
Plastic waste management in Ghana is a failed venture despite government’s several attempts to curtail the menace. Keeping up with a sustainable policy is one hurdle policymakers are yet to cross.
Nelplast Eco Ghana Limited is a plastic wastes collection, recycling, and eco- friendly building and construction company based in Katamanso near Ashaiman in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

In the eleventh and second last episode of Freedom Pioneers of Africa, Nelson presents his concept, which was broadcast across eighteen community radio stations in Malawi, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Namibia and Zambia. Listers give their thoughts on the projects presented by upcoming innovators and whether the initiative would work in their environments.
Nelson also discusses his initiative with our resident Global Connector, Bianca Praetorius. Bianca is a startup pitch coach who offers insights into all things technology, digitisation and innovation.

The featured radio stations in order of appearance: Oranjemund F , Mudziwathu Community Radio and Radio Dialogue.
The featured languages in order of appearance: Ndebele, Kiswahili, English and Siswati