ETI’s – Tax incentives for employing youth in your business. The benefits and how it has been abused by employers.

Abusive Employee Tax Incentive schemes (ETI) marketed by unscrupulous training providers has done massive damage to the training and development industry, leaving many businesses hesitant to revisit the many social and economic benefits of ETI incentives, but most crucially, exacerbating the plight of millions of young South Africans who remain unemployed and untrained.
16 Jun 2022 5AM English South Africa Business News · Investing

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Priorities for SA's new government.

GUEST - Ann Bernstein - Executive director at the Centre for Development and Enterprise. The Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE) today called on political decision-makers who believe in the constitution, the rule of law and deepening economic reform to put the country ahead of narrow interests. South Africa’s political…
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Busting the myths: Your guide to a smooth Two-Pot transition

GUEST - Thabo Hollo – Old Mutual Education Manager As South Africa eagerly anticipates the launch of the Two-Pot Retirement System on 1 September 2024, there's a pressing need to dispel the myths surrounding the new approach to retirement planning. Only 6% of the country's population is on track to…
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SA media: Is print media dead?

GUEST – Rob Rose - Multi-award-winning investigative journalist and former editor of the Financial mail. While the newspaper industry has always been cyclical, in recent years newspaper circulation has dropped. Why is there a decline in circulation though? Are people showing less interest in their surroundings and world events?
13 Jun 2PM 9 min