Rhodent Rotary - Pilot

In this episode, Mihle Mdashe welcomes us to the first episode of Rhodent Rotary. A podcast made for Rhodes students by Rhodes students, Giving students a peek into what Rhodes is all about. Mihle takes us on this journey to unpack and earn more about life as a student. Abigail Van der Hoven sets a scene from where these stories will be coming from. She connects us to the Town of Makhanda and what it is made of, asking students about their experiences at Rhodes University. We then dive deeps into the meaning of the saying "Rhodes pushes you to the edge" as she unpacks how the university can negatively affect one's health by looking at Rhode's mental health, mainly what causes and affects students and their mental health. Mihle Mdashe and Kambalethu Ntsomi then take us through the drinking culture at Rhodes University, digging deeper into why students choose to drink and how often they do, uncovering the underbelly of alcohol consumption for many students. Finally, we get to hear and feel the thoughts and feelings of various students about studying at Rhodes University.