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Rhodes Music Radio (RMR) is a campus based community radio station located in the heart of Rhodes University Grahamstown, South Africa. RMR was founded in 1981; the station was the first campus based station to be licensed to broadcast legally. A station with a proud broadcast history, RMR has been and still is a pioneer within the campus radio industry in South Africa. RMR is a Youth Lifestyle Radio Station and provides programming that is fun, experimental, challenges the status quo and is informative. RMR continues to provide an educational and practical training ground for some of South Africa’s finest broadcasters. Frequency: 89.7fm Broadcast Times: 24 hours a day Broadcast Languages: English (60%), Xhosa (30%), Afrikaans & other official languages (10%) Broadcast Area: Grahamstown and 50km radius outside of the city Streaming: Worldwide | On Campus

Recent podcast episodes

Internationals eMzansi

In this episode, we hear from individuals who have left their home countries to start a new life in South Africa. They share their stories of culture shock, cultural differences, and the challenges and triumphs of adapting to their new home.
9 Jul 33 min

The gender I belong to

In this episode, we explore the complexities of gender identity, expression, and socialization. Our guests share their insights and personal stories, helping us better understand the gender spectrum and its nuances.
9 Jul 21 min

The Friendship Files

In this episode, we dive into the complex and multifaceted world of friendships. Our guests share their personal stories of forming, maintaining, and sometimes losing friendships, highlighting the ways in which these relationships shape and enrich our lives.
5 Jul 28 min

Surviving Loss, and the impact of AI on art

In this episode, we delve into the complex relationship between creativity, loss, and technology. Our guests share their personal experiences of coping with loss and the challenges of maintaining creative authenticity in the face of AI's increasing presence in the art world.
5 Jul 27 min

Moving away from home

In this episode, we explore the journeys of individuals who left their homes and moved to South Africa, seeking new opportunities and experiences. Our guests share their stories of adaptation, cultural shock, and personal growth, highlighting the challenges and triumphs that come with crossing borders.
5 Jul 38 min