Ep. 61 Making peace with the concept of death and letting go of fear

Losing a loved one can be followed by years of struggling with grief, blame or self-reproach. Apart from that, we may fear our own passing. Belinda Bras-Nel, angel whisperer and animal communicator, talks about the relief clients experience when receiving messages from the “other side”. She discusses the eight common fears connected to death, offers helpful perspectives on dying, and shares stories from her own life and those of others.
22 Mar 2022 English South Africa Self-Improvement · Relationships

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Ep. 158 The placebo effect: an undervalued tool for health?

What really causes healing in a challenging health situation? Chiropractor Dr Jeff Crippen shares eye-opening research studies involving the placebo effect, and considers how we can benefit from non-physical interventions. Having formerly experienced excruciating pain for years, he offers hard-won insights into transformational wellness.
9 Apr 41 min

Ep. 157 Taking the edge off dying

Have you given the circumstances of your death – which cannot be avoided - any thought? Doctor of gerontology and death doula Rayne Stroebel offers practical guidance, describing the role of a death doula and how he helped his father transition after a stroke. Creating an advanced directive may give…
19 Mar 44 min

Ep. 156 Solve insomnia and other sleep challenges with BWRT

Are you getting enough sleep? Clinical and neuropsychologist Mark Eaton considers possible causes of sleep deprivation, including anxiety, traumas associated with sleeping, and disorders such as sleep apnoea. He explains how sleep challenges may affect us physically, psychologically, socially and cognitively and suggests interventions - notably the fast-working BrainWorking Recursive…
12 Mar 1 hr 02 min

Ep. 155 Happy with the reward and recognition you get at work?

Do you love your job – or not? Master life coach Judy Klipin discusses her new book on making work work for you. It targets 8 areas from the world of work and offers practical tools for either changing unsatisfactory circumstances or improving the way you view and manage them…
5 Mar 48 min

Ep. 154 Reaching for the stars after 5 years of ill health

After five years of health challenges including osteoporosis, stress fractures, falls, basal cell carcinomas, colon cancer, Covid pneumonia, a reverse shoulder replacement and lymphoedema, social entrepreneur Marilyn Hallett has turned a corner. She considers difficulties such as medical bills, loss of independence and forced absences from work, and reveals what…
27 Feb 32 min