Cyber Security

“We have a cyber breach - should we not just pay”? Jaco Voigt chats to Rudie from Razrtec, who educates us about the dangers of just shutting down a server which could hide the footprints of the attack. POPIA probed your business about data security – but is it just paper-based, or have you done a real live malware/cyber attack readiness test? You need to be in the know – who has access to your data, and where is your data? Does your business have a good EDR solution? Behavioural analytics happens at the speed of light - do you have a real time dashboard to monitor? How often do you force password changes? There are no guarantees that if you pay for the first set of encryption keys, that you won't be threatened with distribution of your data in months to come. People and processes are critical... listen to this podcast to see where your business’ loopholes are!
15 Mar 2022 English South Africa Technology · Society & Culture

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