Dream Big, Fly High P2.

Bahle Nhlapo is talking to Mr. Joe Phalwane about Dream Big, Fly High. They look at the aspect of "Dream actualization forces", and what does the Bible says about this issue.
14 Mar 2022 Zulu South Africa Christianity · Self-Improvement

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Bahle Nhlapo and Pastor Salome Jewel Aphane are in conversation about Forgiveness. They are looking at what is forgiveness, why forgiveness is, what it takes to forgive, and the value of it. above all what do the scriptures say about forgiveness?
24 Jul 43 min

Depending totally on God.

Bahle Nhlapo is in conversation with Sis Simamkele Fiko once again as they discuss the issue of Depending totally on God. They also look at what the Bible says.
23 Jul 12 min

Pray that you may not enter into temptation.

Bahle Nhlapo is conversing with Pastor Shaun Setlhare about Praying that we may not enter into temptation. He is focusing on the venue Jesus Christ used for prayer which is Gethsemane, and why we must pray so we don't enter into temptation.
23 Jul 11 min

Parents Partnering With God.

Bahle Nhlapo is conversing with Pastor Salome Jewel Aphane about Parents Partnering With God. They are focusing on why parents must partner with God, the value of partnering with God, and what scriptures say about this issue.
23 Jul 47 min

Waiting Upon The Lord.

Bahle Nhlapo is in conversation With Sis. Simamkele Fiko, a Motivational Speaker about Waiting Upon The Lord. He focuses on what it means to wait upon the Lord, why must we wait, and what the scriptures say about waiting.
23 Jul 13 min