Episode 113: Taxing the Top 100

Global tax reform is underway, creating a new framework that comes with constant contradictions. On today's episode, Dr. Lorraine Eden returns to discuss her takeaways from proposals to tax only the 'top 100' companies in Pillar One negotiations.
14 Sep 2021 English United States Business News · Technology

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Episode 116: Tax Transparency in the U.S.

Since the introduction of BEPS, "tax transparency" has become a buzz phrase around the globe. What does transparency look like in the U.S.? And how is the IRS beefing up efforts to promote it here at home? In this episode of The Fiona Show, transfer pricing expert and former IRS…
8 Dec 2021 32 min

Episode 115: India's Faceless Audits

With the introduction of faceless audits in India last year, a new era in tax transparency appears to have dawned – and just in time to compensate for a global lockdown. Sayee Prasanna, research and teaching associate at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law, joins today's Fiona Show…
19 Nov 2021 43 min

Episode 114: Taking Stock of Stock Based Compensation

Stock based compensation is a way of paying company members with equity in the business, which is great for companies and employees. From a transfer pricing perspective, however, it can cause problems. Here, David Chamberlain of California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo explains some of the issues that can arise…
6 Oct 2021 55 min

Episode 112: Germany's Increased Scrutiny

Germany's recent compliance initiatives are picking up more speed than the Autobahn. On today's episode, CrossBorder Solutions Tax Director Hasker Hoogenberg and independent German-based transfer pricing  specialist Oliver Treidler examine the transforming audit environment in Germany, and how MNEs can insulate themselves from further examination.
24 Aug 2021 1 hr 04 min