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The Fiona Show: Transfer Pricing

On the Fiona Show, we discuss current issues in the transfer pricing world. Whether you’re new to transfer pricing, or you’ve been around the international tax block, learn about the latest trends in the global regulatory environment and technology in one weekly podcast.
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Episode 116: Tax Transparency in the U.S.

Since the introduction of BEPS, "tax transparency" has become a buzz phrase around the globe. What does transparency look like in the U.S.? And how is the IRS beefing up efforts to promote it here at home? In this episode of The Fiona Show, transfer pricing expert and former IRS…
8 Dec 2021 32 min

Episode 115: India's Faceless Audits

With the introduction of faceless audits in India last year, a new era in tax transparency appears to have dawned – and just in time to compensate for a global lockdown. Sayee Prasanna, research and teaching associate at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law, joins today's Fiona Show…
19 Nov 2021 43 min

Episode 114: Taking Stock of Stock Based Compensation

Stock based compensation is a way of paying company members with equity in the business, which is great for companies and employees. From a transfer pricing perspective, however, it can cause problems. Here, David Chamberlain of California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo explains some of the issues that can arise…
6 Oct 2021 55 min

Episode 113: Taxing the Top 100

Global tax reform is underway, creating a new framework that comes with constant contradictions. On today's episode, Dr. Lorraine Eden returns to discuss her takeaways from proposals to tax only the 'top 100' companies in Pillar One negotiations.
14 Sep 2021 1 hr 07 min

Episode 112: Germany's Increased Scrutiny

Germany's recent compliance initiatives are picking up more speed than the Autobahn. On today's episode, CrossBorder Solutions Tax Director Hasker Hoogenberg and independent German-based transfer pricing  specialist Oliver Treidler examine the transforming audit environment in Germany, and how MNEs can insulate themselves from further examination.
24 Aug 2021 1 hr 04 min

Episode 111: COVID’s Impact on Limited-Risk Distributors

CrossBorder Chief Economist Mimi Song and transfer pricing expert Johann Muller take a closer look at the impacts of COVID-19 for low-risk distributors. Should these entities be able to absorb losses? Listen here to find out.
17 Aug 2021 51 min

Introducing The Fiona Show: R&D Tax Credit

We know you love our expert coverage of the transfer pricing landscape, but did you know we bring that same level of informative analysis to the world of research and development tax incentives? On The Fiona Show: R&D Tax Credit, we—along with leading tax experts—explore how these incentives reward companies…
12 Aug 2021 1 min

Episode 110: The Impending Global Tax Reform

Getting the world to agree on a global tax plan is no easy job. This podcast discussion reveals what’s triggering global tax debates, and how MNEs can avoid getting caught in the middle.
10 Aug 2021 52 min

Episode 109: EU Inches Closer to Public Country-by-Country Reporting 

Public country-by-country reporting is very close to becoming a reality in the European Union. How would this transparency initiative impact multinationals and the global tax community? CrossBorder Solutions’ Transfer Pricing Director Pamesh Sharma and Queen Mary University of London Tax Law Professor Christiana HJI Panayi explore the implications.
3 Aug 2021 50 min

Episode 108: What Multinationals Need to Know About the ATO

This episode explores the landmark Glencore versus the Australian Taxation Office case, and what it means for the future of compliance. Former ATO member Geoff Morris and CrossBorder Solutions’ Director Solutions Engineer Doug Darling discuss
27 Jul 2021 1 hr 06 min

Episode 106: Enriching Your Tax Vocabulary

Chief Economist Mimi Song defines key tax terms, from tax scrutiny to “the race to the bottom,” and explains how they translate in the global tax conversation.
13 Jul 2021 1 hr 02 min

Episode 105: Italy's Mixed Messages

Why did the Italian Supreme Court administer two different rulings on inter-company transactions? What can taxpayers learn from it? Chief Economist Mimi Song and University of Ferrara Professor of Law Marco Greggi discuss.
6 Jul 2021 57 min

Episode 104: Denmark's Increased Scrutiny

The Danish Tax Authority’s recent win against Tetra Pak Processing Systems can only mean one thing: increased scrutiny for taxpayers. Chief Economist Mimi Song and international corporate income tax expert Johann Muller analyze how the Tetra Pak win could bolster the tax authority’s confidence, leading to a likely increase in…
29 Jun 2021 50 min

Episode 103: Tech and Tax: What's Everyone So Mad About?

What's the relationship between tech and tax? How will the Biden administration’s latest tax proposals impact U.S. tech giants? Chief Economist Mimi Song and Vice President of Global Projects at the Tax Foundation Daniel Bunn unpack these questions and more.
22 Jun 2021 43 min

Episode 101: Audits on the Rise in Vietnam

Over the last two years, few jurisdictions have heightened their transfer pricing scrutiny with the enthusiasm of Vietnam. CrossBorder Solutions Chief Economist Mimi Song and Duke University professor Eddy Malesky discuss how MNEs can brace themselves for impact.
8 Jun 2021 48 min

Episode 100: Our 100th Episode!

How much do we love transfer pricing? Every single of the 100 episodes that make up 'The Fiona Show: Transfer Pricing' podcast lets us count the ways, but to celebrate our centennial episode, we boiled down 10 essential lessons our guests have taught us about how transfer pricing is an…
1 Jun 2021 53 min

Episode 99: The Value of the Value Chain Analysis

The value chain analysis is essential for planning and defending a multinational's transfer pricing. International corporate income tax expert Johann Muller joins CrossBorder Solutions Chief Economist Mimi Song on today's episode to answer every question on value chains and transfer pricing you're too afraid to ask.
25 May 2021 1 hour
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