It's all about being sun safe this #WellnessWednesday

Danny and Izelle are talking about being sun smart and sun safe this spring and summer!
15 Sep 2021 English South Africa Relationships · Self-Improvement

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Craig Lucas spills the tea on his 'Red Flag'

Craig Lucas, the multi-talented singer-songwriter, is back with his latest single, ‘Falling in Love,’ a track that dives headfirst into the chaos of unrequited affection and the hilarity that ensues. This new release marks another milestone in Craig's impressive career, blending personal experiences with an infectious indie vibe. Craig explains…
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Ziggy Alberts releases emotionally charged new single ‘Outlaw’

Australian singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts has today unveiled his latest single ‘Outlaw’. This emotionally charged track offers a candidly personal glimpse of Alberts' growth as both an artist and individual. 'Outlaw' is a poignant reflection on shedding societal expectations and embracing one's true self. Alberts shares, " This song is about…
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DJ Cosher and Jann Klose unite for powerful new single ‘Love is a Verb’

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Watershed release their soul-stirring anthem ‘This Town’

Craig Hinds shares his thoughts on the single, stating, "'This Town' is a song about contentment. It's about learning together, being wrong and right together, and ultimately knowing that you are traveling the same path together. 'Take me down that road you're traveling on' - I want to be on…
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Matt Gardiner drops his lates single, 'Right (Wrong)'

The current CTM Top 40 number 1, Matt joined Danny to celebrate the success of his bedroom project - Hometown Drama, and to celebrate the release of his brand new single, 'Right (Wrong)'. Listen here! You can catch Danny weeknights from 7-10 pm on 'Love Songs with Danny Painter 'and…
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