Ep1. eLearning — what you need to know and why you need to be thinking migration

Technology can be overwhelming at the best of times, and perhaps even more so when it feels like there is more urgency in adopting new technology and integrating it into existing structures within our organizations. How are you feeling about the adoption of e-learning and digital migration in your organisation? It’s possible that you may be amongst a number of people who are wondering how to best approach this - and it’s never been more pertinent.

In this first episode of the Talking Tech for Good podcast, podcast hosts, Luvuyo Maseko and Jason Bygate chat about e-learning and what it actually means. Podcast guest, Sukaina Walji, from UCT’s Centre for Innovation in Learning and Technology, shares some incredibly valuable and practical insights on e-learning and all the things to take into consideration when moving in this direction.

Luvuyo and Jason field a few questions from people working in the youth development sector and give some great feedback to issues experienced on the ground. The adoption of tech doesn't need to be overwhelming. Listen in to find out how we can go about harnessing the power of tech for a better world.

The links you need to know about:

All the resources your need:

- http://techtalk.org.za/

- Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching:

- Bertha Centre For Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship: https://www.gsb.uct.ac.za/berthacentre

- Capacitate: https://www.capacitate.co.za/

- https://www.iol.co.za/business-report/companies/sa-ranks-136-worldwide-for-the-cost-of-mobile-data-e2536315-ed01-4eab-a0f5-ec101398a0d4

- https://businesstech.co.za/news/mobile/112659/mobile-phone-costs-in-south-africa-vs-the-world/