Being Green - 18 June 2021

How Did Climate Change Action & Carbon-Capture Fare at the G7 Summit?

The pizazz and self-important bustling of the G-7 international leaders, their handlers, media persons and all the enablers of that ilk are departed from picturesque Carbis Bay in tourist-friendly, picturesque Cornwall. (My great-aunt Lily had a small shop in Carbis Bay; she would doubtless have approved of the buzz and crowds, good for business one would have thought. But alas Aunt Lily and her shop are long gone.) Did you see the media-release pic of the G-7 main players and the non-G-7 ‘guests’ sitting around the table, President Ramaphosa among them? Rather like the ‘poor relations’ who were invited to the banquet at the Manor House by the gentry of old. Enjoying the goodies but not really participating