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PROUDLY SPONSORED BY GERLINDE MOSER OF RE/MAX. Being Green – Your window on the environment broadcast every Friday morning at 7.15. John Richards and Glynis Crook focus on key issues affecting our lifestyles, science and research outcomes, the quest for sustainable living and a healthier planet.

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Being Green - 30 July 2021

The Perfect Storm?
It’s been a really tough week or week-plus whether you’re in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere on this rocky planet, and I’m not talking about the geology.
The north-Americans and the Europeans have been rocked by off-the scale summer weather events. Heat and floods. Records don’t even make the news much any more. So it’s been the hottest day recorded ever; the largest bush fire ever …ho, hum…

Being Green - 23 July 2021

As several countries in Western Europe count the cost of the recent devastating floods, and hopes of finding survivors fade, scientists are saying this type of flooding could hit the region far more often in the future. In this week’s edition of Being Green, Glynis Crook speaks to climate scientist, Dr Peter Johnston, about what happened and how prepared we are here in South Africa for extreme weather events

Being Green - 16 July 2021

Hybrid Concrete Solutions
I’m sure at this time you are contemplating going outside and grappling with whatever plans you have for getting through today and making it to the weekend; or you may be in the traffic as the sun breaks through, or tries to, on this winter morning. I am doomed to the same thoughts every year at this time as I sit over the keyboard in a cold room, and work out little strategies to minimize exposure to the cold which seems to seep into my arms and legs.

Being Green - 09 July 2021

In this week’s edition of Being Green, Glynis Crook speaks to Renee Leeuwner, the Two Oceans Aquarium’s spokesperson, about its “Ocean Superhero” campaign which showcases the spectacular superpowers of marine animals. To find out more visit:

Being Green - 02 July 2021

Two Fundamental Necessities for Viable Community Living.
Hi from me JR. To preserve a reasonable frame of mind and by-pass the elephant in the room, I’m going to focus on a few insights into two of the fundamental necessities for reasonable living. First up is water. Promised in the Constitution, everybody should have access to sufficient water, and enough potable water to drink.

Being Green - 25 June 2021

In this week’s edition of Being Green, Glynis Crook speaks to Jan Arkert, a geologist and researcher for The Green Connection, about a Canadian company which has been granted a licence to explore for oil and gas in one of Africa’s most environmentally-sensitive regions. The areas in Botswana and Namibia near the Okavango River encompass or border both national parks and several wildlife conservancies. The decision to allow the drilling of the test wells has drawn the ire of both conservationists and indigenous leaders, who want the fragile area to remain untouched.

Being Green - 18 June 2021

How Did Climate Change Action & Carbon-Capture Fare at the G7 Summit?

The pizazz and self-important bustling of the G-7 international leaders, their handlers, media persons and all the enablers of that ilk are departed from picturesque Carbis Bay in tourist-friendly, picturesque Cornwall. (My great-aunt Lily had a small shop in Carbis Bay; she would doubtless have approved of the buzz and crowds, good for business one would have thought. But alas Aunt Lily and her shop are long gone.) Did you see the media-release pic of the G-7 main players and the non-G-7 ‘guests’ sitting around the table, President Ramaphosa among them? Rather like the ‘poor relations’ who were invited to the banquet at the Manor House by the gentry of old. Enjoying the goodies but not really participating

Being Green - 11 June 2021

In this week’s edition of Being Green, Glynis Crook speaks to Dr Tess Gridley about an epic journey made by a grey whale that travelled more than 25,000 kilometres from the waters of the northern Pacific Ocean, where this species typically feed and breed, to Walvis Bay in Namibia. Gridley, who is co-director of the Namibia Dolphin Project/Sea Search and research associate in the Department of Botany and Zoology at Stellenbosch University was part of the team that first spotted the lone 12-metre-long cetacean in 2013. The findings of the researchers from Stellenbosch University and Durham University in the United Kingdom was published earlier this week in the journal, Biology Letters. It’s also available online at:

Being Green - 04 June 2021

“Out of the Mud – proof that the ‘Anthropocene’ goes back further than
scientists thought.”
Hi – thanks for joining us on BG. Sorry about my croakiness but it’s a proud badge. I had my vaccine shot a few days ago and there have been a few mild side effects. I went to Mitchells Plain Hospital – Lentegeur – and the experience was, well, affirming. Hats off to an impressive organization, a band of total professionals, cheerful and encouraging, firm but kind with us old toppies. Wow, it restores faith in the basic humanity of us all, amidst so much negativity. Good on yer, Mitchells Plain team.

Being Green - 28 May 2021

In this week’s edition of Being Green, Glynis Crook speaks to Brett Jordaan, the CEO of the Centre for Regenerative Design and Collaboration, both Global and South Africa, about its pilot plant in Cape Town that has been making a concrete modifier from plastic waste. The product replaces the sand and stone that would normally be in a concrete mix, together with cement and water. The CRDC’s trademarked RESIN8 recently won the Dow Business Impact Fund prize worth R1.5 million in recognition of the positive impact it will have on both people and the planet. It plans to use the money to scale up its production by opening a permanent plant in Cape Town later this year.

Being Green - 21 May 2021

John Richards talked to Prof John S Compton, geo-chemist and emeritus professor of geology, UCT, about the geology and natural history of the West Coast, the basis for his new book West Coast - a Natural History.

The publisher is Earthspun Books. Website:

Being Green - 14 May 2021

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s regional director for Southern Africa, Professor Hubert Gijzen, visited both the University of Cape Town and the Cape Floral Region Protected Area on Tuesday to assess the damage following the devastating mountain fire in April. As UNESCO has accorded the Cape Floral Kingdom World Heritage status, Glynis Crook spoke to him after his visit to find out what, if any assistance the organisation will be offering to rehabilitate the vegetation. The fire burnt some 600 hectares of land and destroyed or damaged 11 structures, including UCT’s Jagger Library. They also spoke about the role UNESCO might play, through its Memory of the World programme, to help protect special collections in the university’s libraries.

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