Being Green

PROUDLY SPONSORED BY GERLINDE MOSER OF RE/MAX. Being Green – Your window on the environment broadcast every Friday morning at 9.30. Glynis Crook will focus on key issues affecting our lifestyles, science and research outcomes, the quest for sustainable living and a healthier planet.
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Being Green - 18 Aug 23_Mike Allsop

Although it still feels like we are very much in the depths of winter, spring is not too far off. And as the flowers begin to bloom, so bees begin to emerge from their hives in search of pollen and nectar. In Being Green this week, Glynis Crook speaks to…
18 Aug 7 min

Being Green - 11 Aug 23_Mary-Ann Mandishona, CEO Cash 4 Trash

A new initiative called Cash 4 Trash has begun installing Reverse Vending Machines at shopping centres in Gauteng, which people can use to deposit their plastic bottles, aluminium cans, and glass bottles in return for digital cash. In this week’s of Being Green, Glynis Crook speaks to Mary-Ann Mandishona, the…
11 Aug 6 min

Being Green 28 July 23_Boshoff Muller, director of Afrimat Hemp

If you take a stroll along the increasingly trendy Harrington Street in the CBD, you will come across a 12-storey building that is making waves across the world. Almost completed, the Hemp Hotel has been named the world's tallest building to be constructed from hemp blocks and hempcrete. In this…
28 Jul 6 min

Being Green 14 July 23_Jacklyn Farmer, Cape Nature conservation officer

The Clanwilliam cedar, that gave the Cedarberg its name, was once found in large groves across the region. But since 2013, this majestic and ancient tree has been listed as critically endangered. In Being Green this week, Glynis Crook speaks to Jacklyn Farmer, an off-reserve conservation services officer at CapeNature,…
14 Jul 6 min

Being Green - 26 MAY 23_City of Cape Town’s Deputy Mayor Eddie Andrews

In this week’s edition of Being Green, Glynis Crook, speaks to the City of Cape Town’s Deputy Mayor and Mayco Member for Spatial Planning and Environment Eddie Andrews to get an update on the infestation by the tree-killing beetle, the polyphagous shot hole borer. He said it’s important that you…
26 May 6 min
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