Voice of Change - Pappy Orion - Focus Congo

03.06.2021 - About the Show: On the 22nd of May, while children were sleeping and families were settling down for the night, a volcano erupted in the Congolese city of Goma. Thousands of people ran in different directions as lava spewed out onto the streets. Over 400 earthquakes and tremors been felt since and thousands of people have been displaced. Lauren is joined by Focus Congo founder Pappy Orion amd Goma team member Fabrice, to talk abou the threat of another eruption, and the help been given on the ground. BIO (Pappy): As the founder of Focus Congo, Pappy works first hand with young Congolese leaders seeking direction and mentorship as they work together to restore value to their people and nation. As a filmmaker, Pappy’s heart is to tell the stories of the Congolese people, restoring their dignity and giving a voice to the voiceless. Pappy lives with his wife in Germany.