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Join award-winning author and social justice journalist, Lauren Jacobs, as she discusses current social issues and the pressing realities pulling on our world's conscience today.
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Voice Of Change - Nidha Narrandes founder of Reel Storie

24.08.2023 - On Voice of Change this week, Lauren is joined by Nidha Narrandes, founder of Reel Stories. Throughout the month of August, Reel Stories have released a series of videos under the theme of "things we don't talk about." This video series captures the stories of women who have…
24 Aug 39 min

Voice Of Change - Laura Boggess - playdates with God

17.08.203 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren is joined by author Laura Boggess to talk about redefining play and how we should have playdates with God. Laura shares about her personal journey of learning to find God through moments of play while in a dry season and how…
17 Aug 42 min

Voice Of Change - Francois Griebenow from Oasis Internationational

20.07.2023 - On Voice of Change this week, Lauren is joined by Francois Griebenow from Oasis Internationational to discuss the hidden Bible famine on the continent of Africa, and how this is impacting the lives of Christians on our home continent. Also on the show Nonikiwe Mashologu from the Otto…
20 Jul 42 min

Voice Of Change - Katharine Birbalsingh - Britain's strictest headmistress

22.06.2023 - Katharine Birbalsingh is the headmistress and co - founder of Michaela Community School in London, and is known as Britain's strictest headmistress. This week she joins Lauren on Voice of Change to discuss why she is called strict and how loving our children is at the centre of…
22 Jun 42 min

Voice Of Change - Louisa Zondo - Ricky Rick Foundation

15.06.2023 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren is joined by Louisa Zondo, mother of much – loved music star Ricky Rick who took his life in February 2022. She joins Lauren to discuss her journey to healing, the day Ricky died and the moments thereafter, her trek up…
15 Jun 43 min

Voice Of Change - Boitumelo Motsoeneng

08.06.2023 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren in joined by author and rape survivor Boitumelo Motsoeneng. Boitumelo boldly and courageously shares her story of surviving rape as a young 16-year-old girl. The trauma she endured for years after the violation, the importance of her spiritual family in her…
8 Jun 40 min

Voice Of Change - Jill McElya

01.06.2023 - This week on Voice of Change Lauren is joined by Jill McElya, an attorney, whose experience includes extensive public service, in both criminal and civil law practice. In January 2008, she moved to India to serve as the Deputy Director for the Chennai field office of an international…
1 Jun 42 min

Voice Of Change - Afghan Girls Robotics Team

18.05.2023 - When the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in 2021, the Afghan Girls Robotics Team made headlines when they were evacuated and given refuge in Qatar. Since then the girls have continued their work with the responsibility to help girls back in their homeland. This week on Voice…
18 May 38 min

Voice Of Change - Joel Malm - Author and Adventurer

04.05.2023 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren is joined by speaker, author and adventurer Joel Malm. Joel is the founder of Summit leaders, where leadership coaching and outdoor adventure merge to inspire vision and purpose in today's leaders. Joel is passionate about helping people navigate through seasons of…
4 May 33 min
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