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Voice of Change - Noa Tishby - anti-semitism, Kanye West and Jewish hate

17.11.2022 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren talks “anti-semitism, Kanye West and Jewish hate.” Joined by Israel’s special envoy on antisemitism and the delegitimisation of Israel Noa Tishby, this conversation is straight forward and passionate. Known to many as an actress, producer and author, Noa Tishby’s new role positions her to speak about antisemitism from a place of understanding and truth. Tune in to Voice of Change for this important conversation.

Voice of Change - Fatima Kathrada - pharmacist and lecturer

10.11.2022 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren is joined by Fatima Kathrada, a qualified pharmacist and lecturer in the Department of Pharmacy and pharmacology at Wits University. Together, they will be discussing infertility and mental health, how to support couples who are struggling with infertility, and how faith leaders can be equipped to support individuals on their infertility journey.

Voice of Change - Andy Lester - Impact of war on climate change

03.11.2022 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren commemorates the international day for preventing the exploitation of the environment during war and conflict. While war rages across Ukraine, Syria, DRC, Burma and many other nations, the impact of war affects the natural world as we know it. To discuss this impact, Lauren is joined by Andy Lester, head of conservation at A Rocha Uk. Together, Lauren and Andy discuss the impact of war on climate change, the environment and what Christians can do to steward the earth well while holding on to hope for active change.

Voice of Change - Ntambi Ravele - inequalities facing female athletes in SA

27.10.2022 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren talks about girls and women in sport. Joined by powerhouse Ntambi Ravele, they will be discussing the inequalities facing female athletes in South Africa, the reality of women winning more medals than men in the Commonwealth Games, yet receiving smaller salaries, and the journey towards the ground breaking women's T20 cricket world cup to be hosted in South Africa in 2023. Ntambi is currently a board member of Brand South Africa, Cricket South Africa, Laureus Sport for Good SA, Memeza Community Safety as well as SA Women and Sport Foundation.

Voice of Change - Anuscheh Amir-Kahlili - Helping refugee women

20.10.2022 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren is joined by Anuscheh Amir-Kahlili. Anuscheh was born in Iran and at the age of 8, she fled with her family to Germany because of the Iran-Iraq war. Today, her mission is to empower women with similar backgrounds, through her non - profit organisation helping refugee women. Since September 16th, the people of Iran have taken to the streets and protested against the current rulership of the country, these protests reveal the frustration at the situation facing women within the islamic republic. Anuscheh shares why this moment is a time for change, and how the propaganda used by the current rulership of Iran, covers up the violent truth facing women in her homeland.

Voice of Change - Brandi Lea - Founder of Heal and Thrive Global

13.10.2022 - Voice of Change - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren is celebrating the international day of rural women. Her guest Brandi Lea, is the founder of Heal and Thrive Global, an international organisation empowering over 2000 mama's in Uganda, through co - operatives. Brandi shares the stories, the hope, the love, kindness and passion for change that fuels each one of the mama's her organisation serves. She also discusses the reality that celebrating this unique day shows us how special rural women truly are and how when you empower a rural woman, you empower a community, as well as a nation.

Voice of Change - Karen Lowe - The buzz of a 4 day work week

06.10.2022 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren is joined by Karen Lowe, director of 4 Day Week SA NPC and Chairperson of the 4 Day Week SA coalition.
With The buzz of a 4 day work week as a possibility in the future of South Africa, Karen unpacks the model of deconstructing the traditional history of working for 5 days a week, while also unpacking the advantages and successes of working well and what that means. She also presents an opportunity for companies
and their employees to be involved with the pilot launch of the 4 day work week.

Voice of Change - Natalie Collins - Domestic violence awareness month

29.09.2022 - This week, Lauren is gearing up for domestic violence awareness month, kicking off October 1st. She has invited gender justice specialist and author Natalie Collins on to #voiceofchange to discuss her course, the "own my life," course. This course is designed to empower women who have faced abuse, with the tools to understand trauma, ownership and empowerment.

Voice of Change - Pastor Vingho, Maryene from Nigeria and Tolu George

22.09.2022 - This week on #voiceofchange Lauren invites foreign nationals to share their stories about life as a foreigner in South Africa. With the recent remarks from both home affairs representatives, as well as health MEC’s regarding a national clamp down on foreigners, this necessary conversation sheds light on the opposite side of the narrative. Joined by Pastor Vingho, Maryene from Nigeria and Tolu George coordinator of the Migrant Women’s Group, we can expect honest conversation from Lauren and her guests.

Voice of Change - Dr Glenn Corbett, editor of Biblical Archaeology Review

15.09.2022 - This week on Voice of Change, it’s all the about the Bible. Joined by Dr Glenn Corbett, editor of Biblical Archaeology Review, Lauren will discuss recent archaeological finds from smaller, lesser known sites in Israel. As well as the position of women as leaders, as evidenced by archaeology, and Dr Glenn shares some opportunities to join international digs in the holy land. She is also joined by Illona de Wit, to discuss the 5th annual Bible reading marathon taking place in South Africa next month.

Voice of Change - Pieter Twine - World Literacy Day

08.09.2022 - It's World Literacy Day this Thursday, and on Voice of Change Lauren is celebrating this important day with Pieter Twine from the MySchool initiative, as well as Nal'iBali, our national reading for enjoyment organisation. In South Africa, over 80% of grade 5 children are unable to master basic reading skills, while just over 58% of all children are unable to read fluently. Some have called this a "reading crisis," so tune in to find out how organisations, businesses and campaigns are tackling this ongoing reality.

Voice of Change - Professor Beth Alpert - Nakhai

01.09.2022 - This week on #voiceofchange Lauren is joined by Professor Beth Alpert - Nakhai, associate professor for Judaic Studies at the University of Arizona. She joins Lauren to discuss interesting archaeological finds about biblical women, and what these finds tell us about women in Ancient Israel. She will also discuss the freedom, agency and equality women possessed in the Bible, by grounding women in their ancient context, outside of just moral or spiritual applications of biblical women's lives.

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