Voice of Change - Cyril Naicker - Fashion Revolution Week 2021

15.04.2021 - The fashion industry is a huge global industry that can dramatically be causing human rights abuses, and environmental degradation. At the root of it, many individuals around the world are realizing there is a moral issue we need to confront as consumers. Our morality and sense of what we have been given as children of God, this mandate to carefully and intentionally with servant heartedness, steward and care for this planet should be top priority. Which brings me to Fashion revolution Week, the topic of today's show. Cyril Naciker serves as the Chief Executive at Imprint Luxury, an events, PR and marketing company. Cyril is the Country Coordinator of Fashion. Revolution South Africa, an international fashion activism NGO addressing the clothing and textile crisis. Tamburai Chirume is the co-founder of the mother and daughter design collaboration, ONEOFEACH - an African luxury brand that focuses on luxury leather and African inspired handbags designed in Cape Town and available to the world.