Sarah Robyn Farrell has love in her heart!

Sarah Robyn Farrell is many things – a musician, an eco-communicator, a writer, and an activist.
Her debut single, ‘Love in our Hearts’, certainly aims to heal the world from its many issues in the most simple and honest way.

Armed with a ukulele and a strong will to use her voice for good, Sarah explains the motivation behind this, her first single:

"Love in our hearts’ is about recognising our shared humanity in a time of increasing social tension and ecological decay,” says Sarah. “It speaks to the fact that most people have a lot to unlearn, while still having the ability to love, and to change. It also speaks to the fact that ‘love’ as we currently understand it, may need to be redefined to include aspects and ideas that can lead to real positive change. This kind of revolutionary love could help us save ourselves and restore our home planet.”