Share Shootout Unlimited Edition

There are few interesting themes in the market now. With vaccines being rolled out across the globe sentiment has been boosted by expectations that things are going to get better and economies are going to recover driving consumption and company earnings as it looks like the policy response of offloading bazookas of new money has paid off for now. On the other side of that coin, market participants are starting to ponder on the real cost of this fiscal response aided by monetary policy keeping rates at record lows. Tech is not as defensive as has been the case of late and I think asset allocators are starting to worry about higher discount rates for long duration earnings stories.

Michael Avery speaks to Caroline Cremen, Portfolio Manager at Adviceworx; Nesan Nair, Portfolio Manager at Sasfin Securities; & Henry Biddlecomb, Portfolio Manager at Anchor Capital; about nine stocks to weather the cycle.