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Encounters with COVID

Series · Kusini, a media intiative of SCIS
A three-part miniseries discussing the intersection between inequality and COVID-19 as well as attempt to explain the various ways to fund the proposed socio-economic package. This mini-series will be hosted by the activist Shaeera Kalla and includes interviews with individuals such as Michael Sachs (Wits Adjunct Professor, former Budget Office…
24 Jun 2020 3 episodes English Documentary · Social Sciences


Series · Kusini, a media intiative of SCIS
The podcast series will examine how new technology has disrupted the world of work and what this means for the future of work. We emphasise that these shifts do not result from the COVID-19 pandemic and the various legislation encouraging workers to work remotely. Instead, COVID-19 has brought these shifts…
14 Oct 2020 2 episodes English Social Sciences

Legal Luminaries with Iman Rappetti

Podcast · Juta & Company (Pty) Ltd
Step into the fascinating world of Legal Luminaries; a captivating podcast series brought to you by Juta and Jacaranda FM. Hosted by television personality and author, Iman Rappetti, this JacPod Original takes you on a journey through the lives and experiences of renowned legal giants who have played a pivotal…
5 Feb 4 episodes English Social Sciences · Education


Podcast · MUT Radio
The MUT Cruise is hosted every weekdays from 10am to 12pm. The show seeks to speak about engaging interesting, thought provoking and emotional, moving topics- which are there to attract the attention of the listeners. Introspecting about themselves and sharing their opinions and experiences.
5 Oct 2022 4AM 119 episodes English Music Interviews · Social Sciences

Relate your Research - a social work podcast

Podcast · Relate your Research - A social work podcast
To generate, disseminate and preserve lessons and stories of social work researchers in South Africa. To provide a collaborative platform for social workers and researchers to share their unique experiences, creating an innovative dialogue while preserving knowledge. Endorsed by Department of Social Work, Stellenbosch University Produced by Ward Wide Music,…
11 Jan 2022 17 episodes English Social Sciences · Education

Society's Super Heroes

Podcast · Echocast Radio
Society’s Super Heroes is a podcast series celebrating the men, women and organisations who have dedicated their lives to empowering communities, and who work tirelessly to improve the lives of others. Each sector commemorates an annual day. The days are occasions to educate and to reinforce achievements in humanity. These…
26 May 2022 46 episodes English Society & Culture · Social Sciences

The Academic Citizen

Podcast · The Academic Citizen
An academic citizen is anyone who is part of the higher education community. They are engaged in pedagogy or research or both, and are committed to furthering knowledge, education and the advancement of society from their disciplinary position. An academic citizen sees their work in higher education as a public…
12 Jun 27 episodes English Philosophy · Social Sciences

The Brain and Brand Show

Podcast · Podcast Party
Timothy Maurice Webster is a 4-time bestselling behavioural psychology author. The Brain and Brand show explores leading global brain insights so you can apply research from Neuroscience and Behavioural science to your personal and professional possibilities. Timothy is committed to simplifying the science of human and brand behaviour and will…
12 Jul 367 episodes English Social Sciences · Society & Culture


Podcast · Valentia y Alquimia
Una parte de mi corazon se ha dado el lujo de materializarse en formato de audio, en este podcast, estoy muy feliz y agradecida por ti que estas leyendo y escuchando mis palabras, esta inspirado y pensado para aquellos que tuvieron grietas en su alma y buscan sanar, aqui les…
23 Oct 2023 2 episodes Spanish Explicit Self-Improvement · Social Sciences