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92 EPISODES | CLIFFCENTRAL.COM |  Podcast, ±51 min episode every 1 week
AnimalCentral is a show for animal lovers, all about the creatures we love. Ainsley Hay is a qualified veterinary nurse with over 12 years experience working with pretty much any kind of animal you can think of. She is passionate about wildlife and animal welfare. Ainsley is owned by two rescue pets, a French Bulldog called Gus and a cat called Nubbins.

Blind Conservation

4 EPISODES | CLIFFCENTRAL.COM |  Series, ±17 min episode total time 1 hr 09 min
Blind Conservation is a 4-part podcast documentary about conservation in South and Southern Africa, focusing on apex predators like sharks and lions. Why are these species facing dwindling numbers, and what impact does this have on humans and animals alike?

SOS as in Safe Our Soils

The soil of the world is being degraded, 50% of all soils in fact is already depleted. That means that we have less than 50 harvests left with the available topsoil. Topsoil is the living upper level of the earth's cover. When the living part disappears, then it becomes dirt. When it becomes dirt, we cannot grow anything in it and have to add chemical fertilizers. When we use chemical fertilizers then we kill the soil even further.

Our mIssion is to create awareness of the problem, talk to the experts in the field of how this could be turned around, and provide solutions to everyone that will commence the regeneration of our soils.

Students of Surgery

46 EPISODES | MARTIN BRAND |  Series, ±17 min episode total time 13 hr 41 min
An overview of surgical topics aimed at medical students coming to their clinical surgery rotations, as well as refreshers for early career medical doctors working in surgical departments. These podcasts provide core knowledge of topics, providing a platform to commence deeper learning.

What's wrong with that patient?

3 EPISODES | MARTIN BRAND |  Podcast, ±11 min episode every 3 days
In this podcast series common clinical scenarios are discussed; from their presentation with relevant history and clinical examination findings, to the development of a differential diagnosis and an approach to coming to the final diagnosis. An essential resource for medical students, and refresher for early career doctors.

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