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AnimalCentral is a show for animal lovers, all about the creatures we love. Ainsley Hay is a qualified veterinary nurse with over 12 years experience working with pretty much any kind of animal you can think of. She is passionate about wildlife and animal welfare. Ainsley is owned by two rescue pets, a French Bulldog called Gus and a cat called Nubbins.

Brink's Journey

In South Africa we are blessed with an incredible natural diversity.

Brink's Journey will take you on a journey and tell you stories that will not only be interesting but will also be educational.

You’ll learn interesting facts about the rich diversity of Southern Africa, nature stories and personal accounts. This is a fascinating journey into the world of nature.

If you want to contribute in any way drop us an email at

Flower Valley

18 EPISODES | FLOWER VALLEY CONSERVATION TRUST |  Podcast, ±25 min episode every 6 days
© Flower Valley Conservation Trust At and around the southern tip of Africa, we're surrounded by a magical and intricate natural world. The Cape Floral Kingdom, and in particular Fynbos, abounds here. But the threats to this environment are numerous, and complex.

Flower Valley Conservation Trust, non-profit organisation that works to protect this Fynbos world, interview experts, researchers, conservationists and community members on their work in or lives lived in the Cape Floral Kingdom.

You’ll learn interesting facts about Fynbos specifically, and on broader nature-based themes. And hear about fascinating journeys – all in the name of conservation linked to our wondrous Fynbos world.

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